Dec 16, 2014

Nicknames - Because 1 Name is Never Enough

Post inspired by this awesome list of ideas from The Florkens.

Everyone's got those silly family nicknames that they don't remember the origin of.  Or a plethora of mutilated variations of their first name.  I've got both:
  • Poco Jones - From my dad.  No idea.
  • Jiff - Grandfather.
  • Josephine - Sisters.
  • Jossifer - Sisters.
  • Josey - You can guess.
  • Jo - This one I really like because it makes me think of Little Women and I empathize a lot with Jo.
My father also has some lovely endearments for all of his daughters:
  • Swine-o - This happened because of some of the insults we used when we're playing games or some family activity.  Usually it goes something like this: Papa will say, "Scum!"  Then someone else says "Slime!"  And we'll finish it off with "Swine!"  And I guess at some point we just shortened the whole process and added an "o."  Because why not!
  • Lou - Short for "losah!"  If all 3 of us are present, it's Lou 1, Lou 2, and Lou Joo (short for junior, because we like shortening things apparently, and for the sake of rhyming).
  • Schmedley - Usually used for non-family members or the dogs, but sometimes jokingly when you're "lookin' for trouble."

In keeping with our family's custom of name-mangling and affectionate insults, I have also come up with a number of bizarre nicknames for my dog.  And even for my sister's dog.  I'll start with those:
  • Mavvsy - His name is Maverick so this sort of makes sense, right?
  • Football-head - Ryan started this, just because, in comparison to Luke, Maverick's head is pretty sizeable.  Also Gator-head.
  • Hodor - Because of the way he sometimes bays repeatedly.  (It sounds like this "Hrooooar" so it's only a small stretch to turn it into "Hodor.")  And he's not always very smart.

By coincidence, or perhaps in retaliation, Soon-to-be-Brother calls Luke "Lucas," which I find amusing because he doesn't actually use nicknames for his own dog.

And here's the list of names Ryan and I have for our own dog.
  • Boobah - Um... I totally don't baby-talk my dog.  This is another language, or something...
  • Buddy - Generic endearment.  I'll probably use this for my children, too.
  • Butt-sniffer - Because duh.
  • Dog - When annoyed or sometimes just because.
  • Doge - Like doge-coins?  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  It was all Ryan!
  • Douche-dog - Affectionately, I swear!
  • Poop-face - Because insults aren't insulting when they're true?
  • Puppy - And various other endearments.  He'll never grow out of being our puppy.
  • Whine-o - When he's whining.  Also a play on "swine-o."
  • I was going to add more and then I realized they're mostly insults and they get a little crass.  Not because we don't like him, but sometimes Ryan has a pretty good case of sailor-mouth.

So yeah...  Those are our alternate appellations.  Now please tell me you understand what I'm talking about and we're not just a bunch of weirdos!

What are your family nicknames like?  Do you have nicknames for your pets?

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