Dec 16, 2014

Nicknames - Because 1 Name is Never Enough

Post inspired by this awesome list of ideas from The Florkens.

Everyone's got those silly family nicknames that they don't remember the origin of.  Or a plethora of mutilated variations of their first name.  I've got both:
  • Poco Jones - From my dad.  No idea.
  • Jiff - Grandfather.
  • Josephine - Sisters.
  • Jossifer - Sisters.
  • Josey - You can guess.
  • Jo - This one I really like because it makes me think of Little Women and I empathize a lot with Jo.
My father also has some lovely endearments for all of his daughters:
  • Swine-o - This happened because of some of the insults we used when we're playing games or some family activity.  Usually it goes something like this: Papa will say, "Scum!"  Then someone else says "Slime!"  And we'll finish it off with "Swine!"  And I guess at some point we just shortened the whole process and added an "o."  Because why not!
  • Lou - Short for "losah!"  If all 3 of us are present, it's Lou 1, Lou 2, and Lou Joo (short for junior, because we like shortening things apparently, and for the sake of rhyming).
  • Schmedley - Usually used for non-family members or the dogs, but sometimes jokingly when you're "lookin' for trouble."

In keeping with our family's custom of name-mangling and affectionate insults, I have also come up with a number of bizarre nicknames for my dog.  And even for my sister's dog.  I'll start with those:
  • Mavvsy - His name is Maverick so this sort of makes sense, right?
  • Football-head - Ryan started this, just because, in comparison to Luke, Maverick's head is pretty sizeable.  Also Gator-head.
  • Hodor - Because of the way he sometimes bays repeatedly.  (It sounds like this "Hrooooar" so it's only a small stretch to turn it into "Hodor.")  And he's not always very smart.

By coincidence, or perhaps in retaliation, Soon-to-be-Brother calls Luke "Lucas," which I find amusing because he doesn't actually use nicknames for his own dog.

And here's the list of names Ryan and I have for our own dog.
  • Boobah - Um... I totally don't baby-talk my dog.  This is another language, or something...
  • Buddy - Generic endearment.  I'll probably use this for my children, too.
  • Butt-sniffer - Because duh.
  • Dog - When annoyed or sometimes just because.
  • Doge - Like doge-coins?  Anyone know what I'm talking about?  It was all Ryan!
  • Douche-dog - Affectionately, I swear!
  • Poop-face - Because insults aren't insulting when they're true?
  • Puppy - And various other endearments.  He'll never grow out of being our puppy.
  • Whine-o - When he's whining.  Also a play on "swine-o."
  • I was going to add more and then I realized they're mostly insults and they get a little crass.  Not because we don't like him, but sometimes Ryan has a pretty good case of sailor-mouth.

So yeah...  Those are our alternate appellations.  Now please tell me you understand what I'm talking about and we're not just a bunch of weirdos!

What are your family nicknames like?  Do you have nicknames for your pets?

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  1. I don't have any. Its super sad. But I call my girls all kinds of nicknames. Crabigail or Crabbey is Abbey's most used nickname. Emerson or Pudding Pop is Emmy's. Emerson isn't her name, but I kinda wish I had named her that.

  2. Haha I love this!!! When I was younger, my grandmother called me Deanie. My dad used to call me Dino and drew Dino the dinosaur from the Flinstones on my senior week locker decor. Some friends in high school called me nay-nay.

    My dogs have a TON of nicknames! Gracie - Stinky, Doodles, Gracie-Doodles, Doodle Bug, Bug, Princess. And Macintosh - Mac, Mac-a-roni, Tosh, Toshy, Buddy, Sir, Sir Mac-a-lot, Sir Barks-a-lot.

  3. Haha some of these are very funny! My family calls me Jessie. My husband's last name starts with a "Mc" (like McDonald's) so after I got married my brother started calling me McNugget... lol and I call him Big Mac... it's totally dumb and embarrassing but I kinda like that we have our own little nicknames for each other :P


  4. Love!!! I'm so happy I'm not the only person with completely random nicknames... some of which, I can't even remember the origin! Thank you so much for running this this idea! You did a great job!


  5. Hahaha this is so funny!

    I have given Little K lots of different nicknames depending on her age. Currently I most often call her Pooter McDooter. As you know I call Salem Shit Monster and as for Seven her middle name is DA which is short for dumb ass (poor dumb dog). :)

    Most people call me Kel which is real original I know.


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