Simplify, Simplify, Simplify (and Some Organization Updates)

Checking infor the "Make Your Own Adventure link up". November had the theme of Organization, which as I may have stated a time or two, is one of my absolute favorite things to do! Here's my updates from November, and my new goals for the month of December, theme: Simplify.

November Organization Themed Goals

  1. 1. Kitchen Junk Drawer - Check! This was actually easier than I expected. In my head I'd built it up to be this gargantuan mess, but in actuality it was a few things that needed to be thrown away, and others sorted into "kitchen" vs "utility." Kitchen stayed in the drawer and utility items were put into a new piece of furniture that I got for free at the office! (details below)
  2. 2. Resolve Hall Closet Shoe Situation-Check! Shoe rack purchased, and all housemates bullied into using it.
  3. 3. Make a Place for Holiday/Seasonal Items -Check! Giant, plastic storage bins purchased! And, more importantly, everything put away in them. Also the kitchen overflow, which clears up a bit more space and prevents baking pan avalanches.
  4. 4. Plan and Purchase ALL Christmas Gifts! - Check! After a last-minute burst of inspiration, I'm pretty pleased with my purchases. Now I have an entire month to finish wrapping and make some holiday cards to hand out during our travels.
  5. 5. Solidify Travel Plans - Check!Ryan and Ibooked our plane tickets for the holidays the very first weekend, and after some back and forth over the next week Imanaged to get lodging selected and booked for both of my 2015 events as well. Sigh of relief!
  6. 6. Backup Computer - Check! I'm a little ashamed at how easy this was. I literally just had to spend the 2 minutes reading through my settings and then click a button. Oh well, it's done now! And set for reoccurring backups each week.

Pictures, because I am so darn proud of myself!

See that filing cabinet? It had ONE broken drawer, and my office was going to throw it away. I don't think so! Perfect solution for a "utility" drawer.

All the "messy" baking supplies (flour, sugar, cocoa, etc) ended up in the storage bin, and everything else is spaced out a little better and stacked neatly, which means A) No avalanches and B) It will be maintained more easily and unwieldy piles won't happen as we use things. And my new goals for December...

December Simplify Themed Goals

  1. 1.Start Keeping Continuous Goodwill Box - I think this will remind me to get rid of things on a regular basis, instead of holding onto things for a long time and then doing massive purges. Also, try to add5 things to it each month, starting with this one.
  2. 2.Bedtime Yoga/Meditation- I'd like to try setting aside 15 minutes or so before bed each night to "meditate" and see if it really is as beneficial as everyone says. Clear my head, so to speak.
  3. 3.Packing Lists andTravel Info- So putting together a packing list a week or 2 early will make getting ready easier, and paper instructions for Roommate (he's taking care of Luke for us) and a travel doc for uswith all relevant location info and phone numbers will make me worry less on the road.
  4. 4.Set Fewer Goals - This is really hard for me. When I started writing this I was on #7, and I realized most of them weren't really about simplicity, even if they did involve removing clutter and excess. They were about my love for organization. But that same obsession causes my to-do list to be constantly overflowing and sometimes I get stressed because I can never catch up. I can't, because there's always something new to add. So I'm going to make an effort to keep my to-do list under 10 items, and my monthlygoal lists under 5.
Do you have monthly goals? Are you good at simplifying?
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