Tour Around Blogland - Pit Stop Awesome

Just kidding! Both because it won't be that awesome, and because I'm not really that full of myself.
So you know the Liebster Award? I've been nominated twice and didn't really know what to think. It reminded me a little bit of the chain emails full of jokes or religious sentiments that my friends used to send back and forth (and back again) in high school. But I suppose the difference is, this isn't cluttering up anyone's inbox if I decide to write about it.

I also didn't do the Liebster Award because the questions asked weren't ones I was very interested in. The Tour Around Blogland is more fun and I really enjoyed reading some of the background for "Sarah Christine Style", so I was excited to see that Sarah nominated me for this one. So here's the 411...

What are you working on now?

Not a lot. Somehow I got ahead and I'm scheduled out past Christmas, so other than some spur of the moment ideas, and a couple images, I'm all set to enjoy vacation blog-free! (Not email free, of course. I will happily respond to any and all comments complimenting my genius and/or my eyes.)

Some things on my to-do list for my blog this month is:

  • Honestly, not much. There'sless thana week to work with, after all. But here's the things I've beenfocusing onmost this month:
  • Checking and updating my goal postfor next month's check-in (for the "Choose Your Own Adventure linkup"), because I love goals, and lists, and organizing them, and these posts have all those things!
  • Some holiday-y imagery to go with my happy "yay Christmas" type posts.
  • Getting to know some new bloggers

Some things on my to-do list outside of the blog:

  • Pack!!! (We're leaving next Saturday to drive down to Alabama/Mississippi for a week, and then fly out to San Diego for a few days, so I need a "car suitcase" and a "plane suitcase.")
  • Assemble Christmas Cards (Technically finished, but I need to mail them out)
  • Permission Forms for Book Cover Design (My grandmother's newbook will be published later this month!)
  • AAU Student AccountSetup (For my first semester of Grad school!)
  • Various Last-minute Christmas Things! (Like this)

I like crafts, but I tend to make a mess of them. That 2-tone present... yeah, that happened because I cut TWO lengths of wrapping paper that weren't long enough. Same mistake twice in a row. Since the paper is reversible, I figured I'd try to make it look like it was intentional.

How does your blog differ from others in its genre?

It doesn't really. Let's be honest here - sure we're all different, but when it comes down to the actual content, there's going to be other people that have similar combinations of topics.
But... since I have free time today, I've created thishighly precise, mathematically accuratebar chart to demonstrate the exact distribution of blog content that differentiates me a tiny, tiny bit from the crowd.

Oh, and I forgot design. And business. Those would be tiny little bars next to the Pictures column. Just pretend.

Why do you write/create what you do?

Mostly because other social media wasn't doing it for me. I didn't want to write cute, little one-liners - I wanted paragraphs! And when I had strong opinions or put a lot of thought into something, it was frustrating when no one responded. It's also an amazing relief to vent when someone or something makes me angry or frustrated, in real life or online.

How does your writing/creative process work?

I have an incredibly complex, finely tuned scientific system for churning out the posts. Since it is so revolutionary, I've illustrated with the following flowchart.

Do you having a writing process? (Does anyone have a writing process?) What's on your to do list this month?
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