Dec 9, 2014

When TV Betrays You

You know that sickening feeling of disappointment and loss when your favorite TV show does something utterly and incredibly stupid and then just expects you to accept it?  Like it's no big deal.  Like they didn't just take one of your favorite pastimes that you were emotionally involved with and rip it away from you, leaving you cold and empty to muddle along alone.

Well, yes.  I suppose that's a little dramatic.  But then again, so is TV.  Let's talk about my biggest disappointments.  I shouldn't have to say it, but yes, SPOILERS, SPOILERS, SPOILERS.  Because the most disappointing thing of all is an unsatisfying ending.

4 Terrible TV Betrayals

Culprit #1: How I Met Your Mother
The Crime: The entire last season, but especially the last episode

The last season dragged on with an insufficient plot for so many episodes.  I mean, you just shouldn't have an entire season based on one weekend.  It doesn't make sense.  Also, they showed us a tantalizing glimpse of the mother, the woman we've been waiting for how many years? to meet, and then they just take her away and expect us to be content with Barney and Robin's flakiness for the first half of the season.  Uh-no.

THEN!  Oh, then, after dragging this along, in the most agonizing way possible, and finally allowing us to spend some time with and start to fall in love with the mother, they're just like, "Oh, yeah, well it was really about Robin all along.  Now that she's fulfilled her duty and popped out some kids for Ted, she's just going to die and clear the way for them."  The most utter betrayal I have ever witnessed in a show.  I could go on, but I'll spare you my incoherent ragings.

Culprit #2: Friends
The Crime: Rachel and Joey

It didn't make sense and was such an obvious ploy to dig up some interest by pairing off more of the main characters.  And then, after following along with Joey's wistful longing for however long that lasted, they didn't even properly date.  They just played around with the idea long enough to cause some drama and make everyone upset and then decided they weren't interested.  Inconclusive and unsatisfying!

Culprit #3: Game of Thrones
Crime: Indifferent slayings of main characters

This one isn't really something to rage about.  It's part of what makes the show so exciting - anything could happen and anyone can affected in any way by it.  And, honestly, it's far more realistic than just about anything else where the main character always pulls through somehow.  But who didn't feel the utter shock after the loss of our first, and much-beloved, main character, Ned Stark?  Even after that, I think a fair amount of us were surprised at the Red Wedding, when the Starks continued to suffer brutal losses.

So I'm torn on the main character death theme in GoT.  Because it's kind of awesome, and different, and hits home in a different way than any other show.  But it has a good possibility of ushering in a new era of TV shows where none of our main characters are safe, ever again.  And I don't know about you, but I generally like my main characters to pull through overwhelming odds to reach a generally satisfying conclusion.  I'm not ready for utter chaos!

Culprit #4: Roseanne
Crime: The last season

So this gets an honorary mention because Sister3 watched all of this and explained it to me.  I believe she said something to the effect of, "Roseanne aficionados have agreed to ignore the last season.  It doesn't count."  Basically, after a very real and honest portrayal of a family's struggles through poverty, economic crisis, and internal strife, they decided to have the Conners win the lottery and do all sorts of ridiculous things.  Then, in the last episode, they reveal this has all been a massive fake-out, and Roseanne was making up the story to cover up her own grief at Dan's death.  So, incredibly sad, and a complete departure from the style of the rest of the show.

Side Note: I found this list of TV Finales that almost ruined the entire show while I was writing this post.  I found it entertaining.

What TV moments made you feel betrayed or disgusted?  What is your favorite show?

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