Jan 22, 2015

15 Predictions for 2015

Did I say I was done with New Years-y talk?  I lied.  I really enjoyed what a few people did - predictions instead of resolutions, and I'd like to make some of those as well.  Ready?  Let's go!

By this time next year...

1. I will be married.  (As will Sister2.  The year of the weddings!)

2. I will master meal planning!

3. Ryan and I will be house hunting.  Fo' real.  (We said we'd start looking this summer, but I expect it to take us 6 - 12 months to get serious.)

4. Roommate will have locked us into a drunken promise to name our first child after him.

5. I will have quit my Creative Self Actualization project and started something else.  Probably a novel.  (Just being honest.)

6. I'll run a half marathon and successfully work running into my weekly routine.  At some point I'll probably start referring to myself as "a runner."

7. But I'll still hate it.

8. Ryan will be promoted.

9. I'll be contemplating a career change but won't quite have mustered up the courage to do it.

10. Luke will learn to open doors so he can sleep on our bed when we're gone.

11. We'll be doing research on babies and health and psychology.  Not actually getting ready to have one, but just posting about it enough the blog to scare away my regular readers and keep my family members in a constant state of anticipation.

12. I'll start an anonymous secret blog somewhere in the Internet where I post D&D jokes, creative writing, and badly structured angry rants about my Facebook acquaintances.  It will probably be called something like Monkey with a Keyboard.  I will have no posting schedule, never show my real face, have only hand drawn images, and I will love it like a firstborn child.

13. I'll attend a blogging conference.  Probably this one.

14. I'll finish reading War & Peace, despite Nadine's wise advice, "Dude, life is too short to read a bad book! Drop that shit!"  Because I'm terrible at following advice.  Even when I know it makes sense.

15. I'll have somehow managed to complicate my goals/resolutions/self actualization projects even more than they already are.

What's in the cards for you this year?  Do you prefer predictions or resolutions?

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  1. A list of predictions, I love it!!! Try to scare me away, I dare you! I love your idea of a secret blog too, very fun!

    I would love to become a runner this year too. We need to get a treadmill first. Our neighborhood is not conducive to running. And for goodness sakes top reading a book you hate!

  2. ahhh i still don't really call myself a runner, lol. and i am so bad about finishing shit books - but i always hope they will get better! not that i think war & peace is shit, lol you know what i mean.

  3. Oh my word you are going to have to drop some hints on this secret blog cause I already anticipate enjoying it. Ya know slip it in an email.. lol Anyways these sound like great predictions. I think I may try my hand at it sometime before January is over. Oh and I will never consider myself a runner. I'm bad at that shit..

  4. Predictions are fun! In 2015 I will:

    1. Plan & book a major international vacation (probably to Australia)
    2. Run a half marathon (and lose a noticeable amount of weight training for it)
    3. Make an online dating profile and go on at least one date
    4. Get rid of my couches, acquire 2 more beds, and turn my apt into a giant bed island

    1. I am super excited for you to do all of these things! BED ISLAND!!! (I've always wanted to do that to my bedroom)

  5. House Hunting is fun, everything else about it is a pain. But, maybe that's because I did it by myself? Sometimes I think about a secret blog too. I really want to post without fear that someone I know is reading.


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