Jan 8, 2015

Git 'Er Done! (Plus Simplify Updates)

Checking in for the Make Your Own Adventure link up.  December had the theme of Simplify, which was more challenging for me than the first month I participated.  Here's my updates from December, and my new goals for the month of January, theme: Complete.

December Simplify Themed Goals

1. Start Keeping Continuous Goodwill Box - Check!  Our December haul was massive, and I've got another round ready to go this weekend.
2. Bedtime Yoga/Meditation - Fail.  I was totally distracted by upcoming holidays and vacations and I let my entire routine slide in lieu of frenzied packing/decorating/present wrapping.  I'd like to try this again this month.
3. Packing Lists and Travel Info - Check!  This probably would have happened regardless, but this encouraged me to get it done earlier than usual, which gives me time to edit and add things I remember later (and prevents irrational panic mode).
4. Set Fewer Goals - Credit for trying.  I struggled with this a lot.  My to do list wavered between 5 and 10 things and I'm not really sure how to keep it lower.  Do I just not add things when I think of them?  Do I get things done faster?  I tried to let a few things go instead of stressing myself to complete every holiday idea I had, but I could definitely use some practice with this.

And my new goals for January...

January Complete Themed Goals

I'm going to do this a little differently and group it into categories.  I plan to...

1. Complete My Transition into the New Year by:

  • Putting away all seasonal d├ęcor
  • Finding a place for or discarding all gifts
  • Finishing all leftover tasks from 2014 BEFORE adding new ones

2. Complete Abandoned Creative Projects by:

  • Setting a schedule for and initializing my new art/craft/design Self Actualization list
  • Completing the first art/craft/design project this month
  • Writing a post about it and updating my Self Actualization page explaining the priority shift

3. Complete Unfinished Challenges by:

  • Trying out a new system for habit building (one new thing each month)
  • Challenging myself to 30 days of yoga/meditation before bed
  • Becoming a grad student! (set up tuition payments, complete the orientation class, read the recommended books, and ignore every single person who tells me it's illogical, a waste of time, or a waste of money)

I'm going to confess that some of these have already been completed (looking at you Christmas decorations), but I think that's ok, since it's already a week into January and I wrote this post about halfway through December.

Do you have monthly goals?  Are you good at simplifying?

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  1. Great job on the goals! 2.5 out of 4 isn't bad at all! I need to actually bring my stuff to Goodwill...I have the bag full but it's just sitting in my room. Good luck with your January goals!

  2. When I think of things but already have too many goals, I add it to my future list.

    I think you did really well in December. I'm due for another goodwill trip soon.

  3. Awesome job!! And I envy your ability to have seasonal decor put away already. My small effort in decorating is going to be around for awhile... To be fair, it involves a gnome. And gnomes are pretty great.

    Happy January!

  4. Do you use a planner? for goals/to do lists? I haven't tried it, but the Passion Planner is supposed to be very good for people that put too much on their plate each day, I guess because it helps funnel what's important. They have free printables on their site!
    Becoming a grad student, how exciting! Good luck!

  5. Becoming a grad student sounds exciting! It seems you did pretty darn well for December!!! I have a lot of goals I need to complete from last year still too....

  6. #2 is awesome. I really should do this. I start a project get in the middle and move on to something else.

  7. it's so hard not to just keep making goals upon goals lol. i love the idea of the continuous goodwill box.. might have to set that up.

  8. We kind of end up with a continuous goodwill section so maybe we should start a box like that. You did pretty good for your December goals and already on your way for January, get it!!

  9. I think you did good in December! I really like how you set up your goals this month! I love yoga. I have taken relaxation and strength yoga. I really enjoyed the stress relieve and calmness of relaxation yoga. I am happy you linked up with us this month!

    1. Thanks! While I've finally come around to enjoying yoga (absolutely hated it at first, but now I love it), and my body always feels awesome afterwards, I've never really used it to relax before. So it's all still new to me!


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