Feb 5, 2015

Complete Challenge Completed! (and Create Challenge Created)

Checking in for the Make Your Own Adventure link up.  Starting the year off with a bang, here's my updates from January, and my new goals for the month of February, theme: Create.

January Complete Themed Goals

1. Complete My Transition into the New Year by:

  • Putting away all seasonal décor - Check!
  • Finding a place for or discarding all gifts - Check!
  • Finishing all leftover tasks from 2014 BEFORE adding new ones - Check! (Discarded a couple, but making that decision took it off my plate, so I'm counting it.)

2. Complete Abandoned Creative Projects by:

  • Setting a schedule for and initializing my new art/craft/design Self Actualization list - Check!
  • Writing a post about it and updating my Self Actualization page explaining the priority shift - Check!
  • Completing the first art/craft/design project this month - Check! (Harry Potter party décor - full post coming tomorrow)
Great Hall floating candles.  Post for these coming soon!

3. Complete Unfinished Challenges by:

  • Trying out a new system for habit building - Check! (last month was "Sleep")
  • Challenging myself to 30 days of yoga/meditation before bed - Check! (Really enjoyed it!  I missed a couple days, but overall it was really nice and I plan to do more with it.)
  • Becoming a grad student - Check! (class is in session!)

9/9!  (The New Year is always pretty inspiring)  And the new goals for February...

February Create Themed Goals

1. Create an Inspirational and Organized Workspace for Art/Design by:

  • Organizing and restructuring my portfolio and computer files
  • Printing and hanging a motivational poster I made a while back
  • Upping the cozy factor of my desk to combat the chilly basement

2. Create a Healthier Lifestyle by:

  • Putting together a binder with our favorite (healthy) recipes
  • Following through with February's Habit Building Challenge (exercise)
  • Researching and learning more about meditation

3. Create Some Stuff!

  • Draw something!
  • Pottery class with Ryan!
  • Greeting card art for scholarship entry!  (Because why not?  Grad school isn't cheap.)
I might be cheating a little bit with the "health" section, but it is something I want to do this month, so why not?  Throw it all in there!

Do you have monthly goals?  What are you "creating" this month?

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  1. Damn! Look at you conquering all your goals for January. *cough**over achiever**cough* I am just jealous because I wasn't so successful and I had less goals haha!

    I think your list for February is great! I need to really let my creative side flow but I have kept it down for so long that this month is going to be a struggle for me...here's to good luck for February!

  2. You were busy last month, your goal list makes me tired.

    I cannot wait to see the Harry Potter party post!

  3. I don't think that's cheating at all. Creating a healthier you is important!

    Great job kicking off the year with a great goal month in January!

  4. You did great on your January goals!! Good luck with February. I hope you get the scholarship.

  5. WOW. I think you win all the awards for smashing all your goals. you go girl! (HP party decor?! FUN!). i love the idea of healthy recipes in a binder, i need to sort out and get all my recipes together, they are all over the shop.

  6. Oooo look at all those checks for January, nicely done! I am so excited for your HP post, the floating candles look awesome. Good luck this month!

  7. I think what you have put on your goals list is great. I could use motivational prints in my office.


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