Feb 16, 2015

Getting Motivated to Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

This month is exercise themed, and next month is nutrition.  With that in mind, it's pretty clear that while there are lots of habits I'd like to build, the brunt of my efforts is going to health.

Now is really the perfect time to get my shit together as far as my health goes.  I haven't permanently damaged anything yet, I'm still fairly young and healthy (through luck not effort), and I don't have kids yet so I have more free time than I will later on in life.

I was thinking about that, and it occurred to me that having healthy children, and being a good role model for them are really damn good reasons to get in shape.  I don't want to pass my flaws on to my children and then have them struggle with the same health, social, and confidence issues I did.

Another vague idea floating around in the back of my mind was that it would be nice not to develop Diabetes.  Am I at risk for that?  I very well could be.  I eat a ton of sugar, and quite frequently a lot at once, which is how your insulin producers get worn out.  I've also had more and more instances lately where I feel light-headed if I haven't eaten in a while.

While blood tests haven't indicated anything, I really don't think I should wait until there's something medically wrong with me to take action.  And I'd been doing it slowly, in a half-hearted way until very recently.
Now I want to do more. I want to see what I'm capable of, and I want to more fully achieve my potential. Knowing that motivation was bound to be an issue, I put together a list with the things I mentioned above, and a TON of other reasons to get (and stay) in shape.  And, because I'm crazy, I categorized it and put it in order of importance.

Why do I want to exercise and eat well?


  • Be healthy and give my babies the best of my genetics
  • Be a good role model for my future children


  • Stave off Type2 Diabetes
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Live longer and with improved quality of life
  • Less potential complications with surgery
  • Might regulate moods and sleep better (all them endorphins and whatnot)
  • More energy


  • Save money on medical care
  • Stop wearing out pants in the thigh
  • Don't have to pay more for plus size

 Self Actualization

  • Run a half marathon!!!
  • Could do things I want to do (hike Grand Canyon) and it would be less miserable
  • Don’t have to worry about being over the weight limit for things


  • Wear whatever I want without considering body type
  • Easier to buy clothes


  • Not considered “obese” on the BMI chart
  • So I can say things like, “I’m the healthiest I've ever been!”
  • Be thin and beautiful like a model
  • Get a sugar daddy
I like having a list to think about, and to refer to when I'm feeling less motivated.  And I guess the sheer volume of the list surprised me at first.  I still have a lot of life to live.  Why wouldn't I want it to be better in all the ways I mentioned?  (Well, most.  You probably guessed I don't care about being modelesque and I certainly don't need a sugar daddy)

What's your motivation to be healthy?  Have you made any changes recently?

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  1. I want to be healthy because I don't want to be one of those old people who are house bound, I want to be like Betty White when I'm 93. Still kissing hot young guys. :)

  2. I want to be healthy just to feel better. When I am not 100% on my game, I feel like shit. Less energy, bloated, my clothes dont fit as well. All of those things! And I am with Kelli, I dont want to be house bound when I am older. Get this shit under control now before it is even harder than it is now!

  3. i definitely want to be healthy so that i can be a good role model for my future children. i love my mum but i definitely have a lot of my issues due to the way i was raised and her attitude towards food and working out. i also want to be healthy so i can.. well, be healthy! i want to live a good, happy, long life.


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