Feb 25, 2015

Life Lately - the Good and the Slightly Less Good

I saw this idea forever ago on Allie's blog, and I finally decided to try it (but can't find the post to reference - sorry!).

If we were to meet up and chat, I would want you to:

Ask Me About... my health goals and aspirations.  I'll happily tell you all about my meal planning, exciting and tasty things I've tried, and what I'm planning for next week.

But Don't Ask Me About... how last week went.  Roommate baked SO MANY delicious cookies, I didn't have a healthy meal prepared ahead of time, and motivation was at an all-time low.

Ask Me About... the races I've signed up for and how my training plan is going.  After the Chocolate Lover's 5K and finishing Born to Run, I've been really hyped up for training, and I'm excited to start racking up the miles.

Don't Ask Me About... the ankle issues I've been having lately.  I'm doing everything I can think of to put less stress on my leg/ankle, and it keeps hurting and I'm so worried I'll injure it again in some way and mess up my training plan.  I'm really starting to enjoy running and I don't want to lose it just when I'm gaining momentum!

Ask Me About... my grad school class!  I'm learning JavaScript, and so far it's not terribly difficult; it's building on what I've learned already in programming class and at work, and I'm really enjoying the class UI, structure, and assignments.

Don't Ask Me About... how I juggle work, school, training, and client projects.  Sometimes it's great and sometimes I'm short on sleep and stressed out and the house is a wreck.  Mostly I try not to think too far ahead.

Ask Me About... how Ryan's doing.  He is killing it at work and has generally been really considerate, and helpful around the house.

Don't Ask Me About... Valentine's weekend.  The crankiness levels in our household were off the charts!

Ask Me About... our travel plans this year!  With Sister2's wedding, our elopement, Ryan being the best man in another wedding, Sister2's bachelorette party in New Orleans, and possibly flying out to San Francisco for a half marathon with Sister3 in the summer, there's a lot of exciting stuff going on!

Don't Ask Me About... how I've prepared for all of this.  With so many different timelines and so many different things being in a partial state of readiness, my brain is feeling overwhelmed.  This year is going to be awesome, but I'm already looking forward to 2016, which I'm pretty sure will be my year of living in the moment and NOT making plans or doing projects.

If we met in person what would you want to chat about?  (And what wouldn't you?)

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  1. If we met in person I'd have to bring this list, I'm so awkward at small talk. You have so much travel coming up, I envy people who can travel.

  2. oh how exciting, so many travels! but i understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. I am definitely trying to live more in the moment and not over plan and look forward to things, but it's hard because it's so my nature.
    feel free to tell me more about your healthy tasty meal planning meals! i need help in that area for sure, its so hard to cook for me and KC with all our different tastes!
    If we met.. I would want to talk about almost anything.. surprisingly, I don't like to talk about Australia. It makes me sad and miss my family.

  3. Such a cool idea for a post! I love talking about meal planning and fitness, usually it helps re-inspire me! And I usually like to chat about the day to day stuff or what awesome things can be found at TJ Maxx right now haha.

  4. I sprained my ankle a year ago and it still doesn't feel 100% and I want to run but am afraid....that and I'm lazy


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