Feb 26, 2015

Running - Some (Demotivational) Thoughts

I like to post motivational things, both because sometimes I really feel like that, and also to remind myself later, when I'm not feeling so hot that that's what exercise can do for me.  But it's not all sunshine and rainbows, and it's silly to pretend that it is.

Let's talk Pros and Cons...

Chocolate Lovers 5K


  • I ran 10'15" miles!  That's the closest I've ever been to 10 minute miles, and it was in spite of uncomfortably cold temperatures and running outdoors for the first time all winter.
  • It was a much more unique, and less cheesy things for Ryan and me to do on Valentine's Day and we had a good time.
  • The stroller moms!  I know I've complained about them before, but the stroller moms at this race were for serious.  They passed us at the beginning and then they were gone - we didn't see them again until the race was over.  Seriously impressed.
  • AMAZING chocolate and goodies at the end.
From the culinary program at Deltech (the host of the 5K).  They done good.


  • I pissed off my lungs and then spent the next 30 minutes coughing.
  • All the people who decided to speed up right as we were trying to pass them.
  • That mom and her son who were alternating between walking and sprinting.  When we wanted to pass they were blocking the path like nobodies business - after we finally got in front, almost immediately I heard her say, "Excuse us!" as though we should move out of their way so they could block us again?!  I don't think so.  Access denied.
  • Oh, and that guy who won fastest time for the walking section of the race with 10 minute miles.  Uh... excuse me, sir.  Are you sure you know the difference between walking and running?  Because I did not see any 8 feet tall people there so I seriously doubt you got to the end faster than me while WALKING.  Quit lying.

Lord of the Rings as a Treadmill Movie


  • It's long and will see you through a lot of running
  • No one else will watch it with you so while running is the perfect time!
  • ♥♥Samwise Gamgee♥♥ (He's just so 'onest and good 'earted!  Also, in the Lego Lord of the Rings game, his character is the most useful.  He has ALL THE STUFF!)
  • You know the movie so well you start laughing before they actually say the jokes. (Wait, is that just me?)


  • Frodo.  He's on the ground being wimpy for like half the movie!  And you're struggling to keep running and it's incredibly unmotivating.  "Stop being a little B****, Frodo!!!"  (Sorry, tired Jenn is not very politically correct)
  • It's harder to focus on when you're pushing yourself.  For tempo runs, I recommend Disney movies - less complex plot to follow and lots of good running music!

Just Running in General


  • It burns a bajillion calories.  Yep, a bajillion.  (But seriously, as soon as you get past 3 miles, you're burning like 500+ calories every time you run.  Nothing else does that!)
  • It's what we're made to do.  There are so many benefits because nothing is healthier for you than doing what our bodies are designed to do, whether that's eating natural foods, or exercising the way we would if we didn't have technology and marketing to tell us to do it differently.
  • It gets easier.  After a couple months of consistent running, there are even times it feels good!  And my lungs are in way better shape than they typically are - I rarely get wheezy if I run at 5mph, regardless of distance.
  • You know you did something.  I like the exercise bike, too, but I don't get that same glow of accomplishment that I do when I ran.  It just doesn't feel like work in the same way.


  • Sometimes it feels crummy.  Not in an injury type way, or my lungs are dying, or even actual pain, just everything feels bad.  Each steps feels jarringly uncomfortable, and you want nothing more than to stop and never do this again.
  • Sometimes it is in an injury type way.  Runners get injured a lot, and more runners than not have a bum this, or a problem that.  Avoiding injury is one of the highest priorities in my training schedule but sometimes my ankle hurts (the previously broken one) and that calf has been bugging me a lot (I think it's just weaker than the other one - fingers crossed that's all it is).
  • Running pants - of the 3 pairs I have, only 1 stays up.  The others I ignore until they get about halfway down my butt, at which point I claw them sweatily up to my waist where the slow descent begins all over again.

Other Totally Random Running Thoughts

  • RunKeeper did not automatically track my 5k.  Double-yew, Tee, Eff?!
  • I was so tired the week before last.  I was struggling to get through the lunchtime workouts and running fell the the wayside for several days.  I did get a lot of sleep, though.
  • I read a book about ultra runners (Born to Run) and it was so motivating! 
  • But it made me argue with Sister2 about barefoot running.  She was trying to inject reality into my enthusiastic alternate reality where I can be a barefoot runner despite having horrible running habits and being overweight, and I didn't want to hear it.
  • Right now running feels pretty roller-coaster-y.  I'm either feeling healthy and strong and running easily!  Or I'm dying and feeling like crud.  I think I finally understand the whole "love/hate" thing runners talk about.

Actually loving it.

Pretending to love it, but really hating it.  Also, you know, sweat.  You're welcome!

What are your favorite and least favorite things about running?  Do you understand the runner's struggle?  Or were you just tricked into reading this post because of the picture of delicious food items?

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  1. I am still so afraid to run. I keep saying I want to and I dream that I do a great job and then I get on the treadmill and want to cry. Ugh!

  2. I have 2 days of C25K under my belt and I can tell that this is going to become an addictive thing in a good way for me. Which I need so freaking bad right now!

  3. Omg the running pants. So true. I have three pairs of athletic leggings, and only one stays up. Having your pants slide down with every step is the worst. And my one good pair just wore out in the thigh. =(

    I'm going on a quest for more leggings this weekend.

    1. I was considering going shopping for workout clothes, but I think I'm going to wait until my ankle issues are sorted before buying more. No point if I can barely run!

  4. love this post! definitely keeping the LOTR vs Disney movies in mind for when I get my own treadmill one day (can't watch movies at the gym boo) but yes seriously frodo, stop being such a wimpy baby!


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