Feb 20, 2015

The MOST Amazing Thing

What Nicole over at Just the Elevator Pitch didn't realize when she posted today was that the "convenient tool" that she was sharing was actually something so amazingly revolutionary that I would weep tears of joy.  Only exaggerating a tiny bit.  I didn't cry, but it was a close call.

She posted about Peek.UserTesting.com, which does FREE user testing.

I was super nervous at first, because it's a video showing the screen of the person using your sight and them talking about it as they try to navigate it.  And I know criticism can be really harsh and I was worried it would get abused and I would be sad.

Here's what I forgot.

I can handle criticism.  After the mental beatings I received as part of my education at Deltech, and the even more callous, not-even-trying-to-be-constructive shit at my first job, it doesn't faze me one bit.  Criticism about my life, my writing, or my opinions is one thing, but my design is the one thing I want people to tear apart so I can make it the best it can possibly be.

So why the tears?

Because I have been trying for years to get constructive feedback on my projects.  From my family, from my friends, from my boyfriends.  And all I get is "it's nice."

And I love them, and I appreciate that they were trying to tell me nice things, or to help me in a positive way, but I so desperately wanted an honest assessment.  Something to fix.  Nothing's perfect on the first go-around, as I am frustratingly aware.

Finally someone gave me a straight up "here's what I think."  She was totally unselfconscious and not worried about hurting my feelings because I wasn't physically there staring at her.  And just about everything she said was useful.

"What does this site do?  Where is she located?  Oh, I guess this means ____.  I like this, but this other thing is confusing."

It's not even necessarily that the suggestions are useful (although in this case they were), it's seeing how and where someone gets stuck when they're trying to navigate your site.  Normally you have to pay someone $50 to do this.  Or hundreds of dollars for a company to run the analysis for you.  And I got it for free.  Because some amazing company somewhere decided to offer this for free.

And this woman, whoever and wherever she is, just gave me some of the best feedback I've ever gotten.  Because she was just answering some questions on a screen.

I hope you guys all try this out, because it's really awesome and a great way to get honest feedback and make your blog a little bit better.  (EDIT: I'm actually going to add a little caveat - depending what your blog is for, it might be less useful.  If you just want to chat with other bloggers, then you just need your blog to be user friendly and appealing to them.  So a random person who might not even know what a blog is will have less useful feedback.  But if you're trying to sell products or services or any kind, then it's immensely useful because your purpose has to be clear to everyone, not just other bloggers.)

But for me, it's so much more than that.  Websites are what I do.  This is going to vastly improve every web project I get from here on out.

This is the MOST Amazing Thing.

How do you get feedback on your projects?  Have you ever tried Peek?

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  1. That's pretty sweet! I am still scared to do it though. Maybe I should try it out since I am trying to take my blog further this year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. i am definitely scared to do this, mainly because i dont want someone to tell me something that i do like lol.


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