Feb 27, 2015

The Mysteries of Lent as Explained by a 7 Year Old

I asked my goddaughter what Lent was, because even though I'm probably a failure as a godparent, she attends Catholic school, and I know they've taught the kids something about it.  As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed her answer.

She got out a sticky note and a sharpie.  She drew a symbol, some words (from upside down I could discern "Lent" but that was about it), and then several more squiggles that may have been a nun with a cross on her forehead.

She pointed at it, indicating that my question had been thoroughly answered and verbal explanation was quite unnecessary.

Because my intellect is nowhere near on par with the genius of her 7-year-old brain, I had to point at each thing and ask her what it meant.  The heavy sigh indicated my dullness in being so slow to understand her archaic runes, but she obligingly explained.

Turning the sticky note to face me, she read aloud as I read her youthful handwriting, "Lent is no met." (meat)

I pointed to the first squiggle and inquired as to its significance, "That's a cursive G!"  Ah... My bad.

Then to the person squiggle, "She has ash.  On her head."

With a few more strategic questions, I was able to get her to elaborate a bit more.  Meat is bad during Lent, "Because Jesus."  And, "They put the ashes on Wednesday" with vigorous forehead crosses to help get the point across.

So I'm still not entirely sure what this Lent/no meat thing is all about.  Is it:

  1. A homage to Jesus' sacrifice by avoiding the flesh of warm-blooded creatures and/or making sacrifices of our own?
  2. A reminder of the miracle feast of fish and wine?
  3. A political and economical battle that has, at various points throughout history, resuscitated the fishing industry?
  4. A way to torment your coworkers by ordering the Meatzza special?
  5. An amazing discovery, because the Meatzza special is, in fact, the tastiest pizza you've ever had.
  6. Or simply, "Because Jesus"?

Happy Lent (happy? is that appropriate?) to all you Catholics!  And happy More Meat For Us to everyone else!

What do you believe?  Do you have Lent traditions?

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  1. Kids are so matter of fact about what they know :)

  2. I'm Methodist. We give up something not necessarily meat as a homage to Jesus sacrifice. I gave up Dr Pepper


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