Feb 13, 2015

Valentine's Flyer Advertisements - Design Day Friday

On the plus side for Valentine's Day - I got a project!

This one was a bit of a rush job, which actually turned out great, because that (and my awesome, stellar designs - maybe) meant no changes.  Easy peasy.


It was for a countertop company, and it was a play on the diamonds (or an engagement ring, possibly) for Valentine's thing.  I could explain it, but you'll see...

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

The client actually asked for the image files for 2 of them to use in a couple different places, which is always a good sign, I suppose!  And I believe their favorite was #3, which was also Ryan's favorite.  I like all of them (obviously), but the colors on #2 make my heart the happiest.

One thing I was kind of intrigued by was the whole "don't buy a diamond, buy a countertop" marketing idea.  At first I was thinking a "rock" meant an engagement ring, and then I thought, "Oh no, that's not a good substitute at all.  She'd be piiiiissed!"  But I guess instead of jewelery... I don't know.  Do people buy this sort of thing for Valentine's Day?  Ryan and I don't (as you may recall), but what do you think?

Which is your favorite?  And if you wanted a "rock" for Valentine's Day, would a countertop be a good substitute?

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  1. I think 3 is my favorite too, I don't know that I would want a counter top for valentine's day. Maybe if I was in the middle of an endless remodel of the money pit or something. :)

  2. I love your designs, #2 is super pretty!
    I have a super small engagement ring, and if it wasn't for the whole you'll get deported thing I might still not have one now.. who knows. It's not as important to me as it once was. I would definitely prefer a countertop, but not for valentines day (though we don't celebrate at all, at all at all!) and not in the current house lol. i'm just talking in circles - love your designs!

  3. I love all your designs, but I think number 3 grabbed my attention the most. As far as getting a counter top for Valentine's Day? At least it is something practical! If you already have the ring what other rock do you need? lol!


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