Feb 10, 2015

What You'd Learn About Me From My Phone Photos

I'm in a very goal-oriented place right now.  Every post I write seems to turn into a goals list or a motivational essay.  So I thought maybe for today I would share a bit of randomness.  Here's 5 recent pictures from my phone and the story behind them.

1. The Seemingly Random Salad

Ryan and I have always eaten the same salad: spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, feta cheese, raspberry vinaigrette.  Not bad, unless... you don't like red onion, are tired of tomatoes, and have eaten this 10 bajillion times.  Since I'm bringing salads for lunch and they don't need to appeal to Ryan, I finally branched out and tried different toppings.  This is sliced carrots, apples, and almonds and it was AMAZING.  I was super proud of myself for making something I actually want to eat again.

2. Feel the POWAH!!!

I'm doing squats.  We don't really have a squat rack, so my dad and I adapted the bench to be tall enough for squatting.  I'm only doing 135 lbs. but it's exciting because I get to use the big plates and feel all macho.
You might think, "Ah, a new weightlifting accomplishment.  A logical reason to take a photo."  Nope.  We actually took this one and another one of my dad, so that we could Photoshop his weights onto my bar and tell Sister3 I was way ahead of her in our squatting competition.  THAT is the real reason my family takes pictures.

3. Do You Know How Groceries Work?


Yes, I do.  But my car does not.  So it beeped at me for about half a mile until I get fed up and buckled my heavy-as-a-person groceries in.  Note to self: put the groceries in the back next time.

4. If the Shoe Fits


Obviously the best way to tell if the shoe would match Sister2's wedding dress.

5. A Lesson in Swaddling

This is Sister2's dog, Maverick, wrapped up in the sheet that would later become the Harry Potter sky.  If you have a dog, I'm sure you know that if you leave a blanket (or anything soft) on the ground, the dog will immediately curl up on top of it.  However, it always surprises me when I wrap them in it completely and they actually like it.  Anyway, this is Maverick being calm and cute, which only happens once in a blue moon!

What's going on with you?  Do you ever have to check your phone photos to see what you've been doing lately?

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  1. I love this. I have been thinking of doing something similar but hasn't happened yet. Random, but how is your foot doing from your break? You broke it right? Have a great day!

  2. I check my phone when I write weekend/weekly review or what I was doing posts, I take pictures a LOT and they help me remember exciting things I wanted to tell you guys.

  3. Haha such a fun post idea! Love the swaddling! All dogs are obsessed with blankets it seems. And putting a picture in a shoe is a brilliant way to see if they look good together, obviously.

  4. those shoes are super cute ;) i love salads and that one looks amazing - whenever i make a big salad for work, i put everything in it - tomatoes, peppers, onion, avo, cucumber, mushroom - my husband hates it, he likes his salad simple. boo.

  5. My dogs like swaddling for a minute, then they get hot.

    LOL @ the photo-shopped weight competition.


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