Mar 12, 2015

4 Awesome TV Shows I Just Discovered in 2015

We're not even 3 full months into 2015, but I've already watched some really good TV.  And by "really good" I mean I found shows that are perfect for me, which means light-hearted, fun, and probably fantasy or sci-fi related.

Most of these aren't actually new - because hey!  Netflix.  But they're new to me, and I thought they were amazing!  Let's dive right in.

1. The Guild

The Guild is about a group of stereotypically socially awkward gamers whose obsession with the game causes them difficulty in the real world.  You might think I'd be annoyed at the perpetuation of the stereotype, but there was enough diversity within the guild itself that I was ok with it.  After season 1, I really got to know the characters and ended up going through all 6 seasons in a couple weeks.  Impressed?  Don't be - each episode is so short that Netflix packaged each seasons as one hour-long "episode" so getting through them was pretty easy - even when I didn't want it to be.  (I wasn't ready for it to be over!)

2. Galavant

I think I saw the recommendation for this on The Pyreflies, but I couldn't find it again, so I can't confirm that.  In any case, I read somewhere that Galavant was like a cross between Robin Hood Men in Tights and The Princess Bride, and that was all the recommendation I needed.  It was, and I loved it, and I'm more than a little concerned that it won't be back for season 2.  (Oh, and this was the one rare show that I actually watched on Hulu as each episode came out.  Thus far, the only other shows that could claim that dedication from me were Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones.)  Another note: I think my absolute favorite character is "the bad guy" because he's so quirky and ridiculous and, as we soon find out, isn't even the worst "bad guy" around.

3. Doctor Who

I've had this recommended to me so many times and I never followed up... until now.  This is me and Ryan's "together" show, since it's new to both of us and has elements that we both like - action and life or death situations for him, goofy comedy and fun characters for me, and time travel and space, which we both like.  Time travel, in particular, is the winning factor for me.  I love seeing how different people think of time, and how they try to interact with it.  It's also fun to finally be in on all the Doctor Who jokes and references.

4. Merlin

This one is a little cheesy and probably wouldn't get the full 5 stars that the others have, but as I continue to watch I find myself reeled further and further in.  This one is a King Arthur/Camelot story, but it's a little strange - Arthur isn't a humble orphan, Guinevere is a servant, Morgan le Fey is ward of Uther and not evil, and Mordred is around already even though all the other characters are teenagers.  The acting isn't the absolute best and the effects are a little silly sometimes, but I'm a sucker for a good fantasy story (and everything Camelot) and I'm becoming fascinated with how they're twisting the traditional King Arthur story.  Plus, they're not shy of killing, which is surprising for a family show, and that keeps me in more suspense than anything, because I'm pretty sure Uther's going down at some point and I NEED to see when it happens.

As an aside - Once Upon a Time will be back soon!  And Game of Thrones after that.  Counting down!

Anybody else into sci-fi and fantasy?  What shows would you recommend?

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  1. DOCTOR WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! where did you start? where are you up to? who's your favourite? thoughts???
    anywho. adding galavant to my 'watch list'. sounds fun!

  2. You are so my kind of girl! I love the guild and Felicia Day is wicked awesome! Also love Galivant! And I will be a Whoviab for life!

  3. The Guild sounds really interesting to me. I am going to have to look in to it! I love Big Bang Theory! Have you tried Grimm yet? I feel like we talked about it but I can't remember if you have watched it or not.


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