Mar 2, 2015

Get to Work! - March Habit Building

I was going to do "nutrition" for my habit building in March, but I'm feeling a little wiped out and ready to simplify things a bit.  So I'm going to focus on work this month - something I have to do anyway, but something that could be done much better.

The work habits I'm focusing on are:

  • Getting to work on time
  • Only blogging during lunch or after work (which probably means blogging much less, if I'm honest)
  • Actually following up with my IT projects despite being clueless and mostly useless without someone at my desk every 5 minutes

Previously, I had come up with elaborate solutions to some of these.  For example, I still don't know most of my passwords because they're random 20-character monstrosities that I keep in my Keepass.  But it's not working, because I come up with excuses to carry my flash drive in to do "just one thing" and then I'm free to access all my stuff all day long.

I also had my phone and car set 15 minutes ahead of the rest of the world for a while.  And it worked for a couple weeks, which was awesome!  Eventually I stopped trusting the time on my phone and I was no longer on time or early all the time, but I was still better than I have been before or after.

So why stop if it was an improvement?

Because it's ridiculous.  The problem here is not that the rest of the world doesn't fit my timeline.  The problem is that I don't have the discipline to make the choices I need to to be punctual, to be productive, and to make the most of my work day.

So this month, instead of coming up with elaborate "hacks," instead of finding ways to "trick" myself into appropriate behavior, this month I'm going to do battle with the beast.  Willpower, I'm coming for you.  So shape up.

Are you a punctual person?  And if so, how do you do it?  What does your work flow look like?

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  1. I use to be at least on time. Then I had kids. Now those days are a distant memory. I try to be on time, but usually I am about 10 minutes late for everything. If its something really important I have to tell myself it starts earlier than it does.

  2. I hate being late, it's a carry over from childhood. My mom always made us late for everything, it embarrassed my sister and I so much we are now early for everything.

  3. i am punctual. i hate being late. i am at work every day on time, and if i am going to 1 minute late, i text my boss. that being said, if i wake up 5 minutes later than normal, i will skip the gym because 'i dont have time' which is boohickey.
    meanwhile i really need to work on not blogging at work as much as i do... like i am right now. oops.

  4. I hate being late for things. I run late for work sometimes because of traffic and such but I try really hard to be on time. And kudos to you for cutting back on your blogging at work.


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