Mar 19, 2015

Quarterly Goals - Spring

Spring is here!  (Well, it's here tomorrow, teeeeechnically)  And along with it a check in with my seasonal goals.

On a side note: I thought originally I was making too many different types of goals, but it's actually working out fairly well.  The "seasonal goals" helps me to defer some of my to do list items until later so I don't have to get stressed out by looking at it every day, while my Google task list stays relatively small, because only short term things are on it.  Seasonal goals also gives me a place to put festive ideas that I'd like to do, but aren't so urgent that they need to be on my task list.

The monthly goals are usually comprised of a combination of task list and seasonal items, and also break down the lifelong resolution/goals into smaller, more manageable chunks.  Each has it's own level of priority and gets a proportional amount of attention from me.

  1. Get Healthy & Fit - Lifelong Ongoing Goals
  2. Train for a Race - Seasonal Goals
  3. Complete an Exercise Challenge - Monthly Goals
  4. Buy New Running Shoes - Task List
Now the only problem is remembering to check all my different lists...  But anyway, on to the goals!

Winter Seasonal Goals

1. Start Strong at AAU - Check!  You better believe I was all over those discussion boards and homework projects.  Loving this class!

2. Sign Up for a 5k and Set Training Schedule - Check!  And then some.  I had researched a couch to half marathon plan before the broken ankle, so it was no trouble at all to dust that off and give it another go (and adjust it in accordance with the twingings of my ankle).  I ran a Chocolate Lover's 5K on Valentine's Day, and have the Wipeout Run scheduled for later in the year and the Broad Street Run.  (We also signed up for a 5-Miler but then got invited last minute to a wedding and Ryan's the best man, so... he probably needed to be there and I really wanted to see him in a tuxedo.)

3. Don't Stress Over the Holidays - Check!  Driving is (for me) less stressful than flying, and I was quite pleased with my car snacks and general planning.  As far meeting new people and small talk, I managed to utilize my "don't think about it until you have to" plan, and that worked quite well.

4. Help Sansa Host a Harry Potter Party - Check!  I didn't put in nearly as much work as Sansa, but I did make some floating candles (like the Great Hall), printed some décor, and nerded out over all the awesome stuff she put together.

5. Start My New Self Actualization Project - Check!  Actually, I used the crafts from the Harry Potter party for month 1's project, so that ended up being 2 birds with 1 stone.

6. Organize Portfolio and Computer Files - Fail.  :(  I spent a lot of time thinking about it and dreading it and never got around to it.

7. Organize Craft Supplies - Check!  They are now a thing of beauty.

8. Painting with a Twist - Check!  Twice.  (We hung a couple of our paintings and we wanted to go to the classes until we have a seasonal rotation.)

New paintings on the wall for our "winter" look.  Top left is the 2nd class we went to - pretty, but the 1st was my favorite.  Bottom right shows our nerd tribute to Game of Thrones: a couple of our own little white walkers.

7/8!  And the new goals...

Spring Seasonal Goals

  1. Canoe
  2. Organize File Cabinet (Convince Ryan to either use mine or clean his up - it's a disaster)
  3. Ace My Class
  4. Write Speech/Ceremony for Sister2's Wedding
  5. Run 10 Miles
  6. Research Home Buying
  7. Hike
  8. Spring Cleaning (Combat the dog smell)
  9. Organize Portfolio & Computer Files
  10. Be Less "Busy" and Enjoy Life More


My winter priorities went pretty well (better than fall, that's for sure!).  Creativity: Success!  In addition to Painting with a Twist, we went to a pottery class, I got my crafting on with the Harry Potter décor, and I got plenty of design practice with the start of my class, and a couple personal projects.  Exercise: Success!  I devoted all of February to a consistent workout plan and I managed it.  I've also kept up with the half marathon training plan, so I'm well on my way to running a half some time in the summer.  Routine: This is where it gets tricky.  Some routines were formed - like meal planning, which has helped a lot with improving my eating habits.  Other routines were attempted - like sleep, which has been a long string of failures.  I do feel like things are starting to fall into place, just in a different order than I initially expected.  So I'll give this a partial success.

I think I'll be skipping the "priorities" for future seasons, because I'm doing that a little differently with my habit building project.  And because these posts were a little clunky.  (Some type of metaphor about finger in too many pies.  You get the idea.)

Do you make seasonal goals?  Do you ever go overboard?

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  1. Canoe is on my list too! Mine will be up tomorrow.

  2. some type of metaphor, lol. the white walker in the painting made my stomach drop a little, no lie. good luck on your spring goals!! i am just happy spring is (almost) here!!

  3. You rocked those winter goals my friend!!! I started my post to have up today, but it just didn't happen in time so I will be posting it next week! Good luck on your spring goals!!

  4. Yay awesome sauce! I like the seasonal goal idea along with quarterly check ins. This month I am supposed to be organizing but I am failing miserably as its already half way over. Guess I best get on that!


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