Mar 22, 2015

Sunday Sweats - Gettin' Bare

Sunday Sweats idea borrowed from Holly.

Let's just say this week wasn't pretty and no motivational picture is deserved.

Weekly Workouts

Hahaha.  Workouts?  Plural?  I barely managed one.  I won't bother to make excuses; I'll just admit it was kind of lame and distract you all by talking about my new shoes.

See these?  Ryan has been trying to get me to try Vibram 5-Finger shoes for almost as long as we've been dating.  But, knowing how heavily I run and reading that they're not really meant for someone of my mass, I preferred to stick with the thickly padded shoes I know.

But then... the Internet happened.

Not wait.  Actually a book happened.  I read Born to Run, blah blah blahblah (long title), a book all about ultra runners, and different running ideologies, and I started to doubt the things I "know."  Afterwards I was inspired and did some follow up research on this barefoot running thing, and decided it was something I wanted to try out.  Not actually running barefoot, because my feet are wimpy, but running in minimalist shoes and finding a more natural gait than lumbering along and pounding down on my heels.

So I bought the shoes.  They felt a bit strange - I've never been a huge fan of toe socks and this was a bit more invasive between my toes than socks.  But after walking Luke a couple miles (normally we do 1, but Ryan was on a work trip, so I had double dog duty for a couple days), it felt pretty good!  I was even bold enough to try jogging a couple tenths of a mile.

Later, of course, my legs made it immediately apparent why you need to ease into this sort of thing.  My feet and ankles are incredibly wimpy, because they're used to the shoe doing all the work for them.  So they were sore for a couple days, which was a good warning (in addition to all the people who have mentioned that hey! be careful because people get hurt doing this) and reminder to take it slow.  So I'm planning on wearing them to walk Luke for now and gradually adding in some running over the next couple weeks as my feet and calves strengthen.

Total Weekly Mileage: Um...
Total Hours Exercised: The shoes, remember?  Don't think about this because there's a pretty picture of shoes!

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

Actually do something, eh?

How did your workouts go this week? (hopefully better than mine)  What books have you been inspired by?

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  1. My feet/toes are weirdly sensitive, I don't know that i could handle 5 finger shoes. but they look cool.

  2. I'm not sure I would like in between toe shoes also I think they look funny. Hahaha.

  3. I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do those shoes at all! My feet are super sensitive and my normal work out shoes are needing an upgrade because they are supporting my knees/ankles/arches enough as is. But kudos to you for trying!

  4. yes... i'm one of those people.. please continue to be careful!! i would hate anything to happen to you :(


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