Mar 8, 2015

Sunday Sweats - Jumping on the Bandwagon

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So I found Holly's Sunday linkup (from My Own Kind of Beautiful), and I love the idea of sharing fitness weekly both for motivation and because monthly is too infrequent.  It feels like lately each week is a completely different beast in terms of what my body is capable of doing and how delicate certain body parts are feeling.

So for this past week, in the aftermath of ankle issues and not being sure what's going on, I decided to take a little break from running.  I've been saying a lot of things like, "I wish I had a treadmill, then I could..." and "If it wasn't cold out, I could exercise in the morning before work."  So instead of pining after the things I don't have, I thought I'd make better use of the ones we do: a stationary bike.

So last week I tried to get up early and get my cardio out of the way at the beginning of the day.  In general I don't find biking as satisfying as running - I sweat but I don't get that same sense of "I just worked my butt off."  It is, however, much easier on the ankle, and after a week of (relative) relaxation, that body part is feeling much better!

Anyway, on to the workouts!  Here's what I actually did...

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Biked (stationary) 30 minutes first thing in the morning, lifted weights at lunch, 15 minutes meditation/stretching before bed
Tuesday - Biked 30 min (AM)
Wednesday - Nada
Thursday - Biked 30 min (PM)
Friday - Nada
Saturday - Jog/walked 1.5 miles
Sunday - Had a dog walk/meetup with one of Ryan's coworkers - meandered for a couple miles in the SUNSHINE!

Total Weekly Mileage: 1.5 (not counting meandering)
Overall Time Spent Exercising: ~3 hours

Why am I counting mileage if I'm not focusing on running?  Because the plan is to ease back into the couch to half marathon plan, and maybe take it a little slower this time.  I've still got all these races to run, after all!

Oh, and a side note: I do a couple other things that I don't necessarily think are worth recording, but I guess I'm kind of proud of working into my routine.  I walk Luke ~1 mile every day, weather permitting, and I do a couple flights of stairs every time I use the restroom at work.  Since those things are routine, and no particular effort went into it, I won't be recording them.  (But still needed to show off my accomplishments, apparently.  :P)


The things I struggled with:
  • Getting enough sleep.  The chores pile up and by Thursday and Friday I've usually given up on being well rested in lieu of having all my tasks completed.
  • Making time for exercise when I have other things to do.
  • Getting up on time when I'm sleep deprived.  :-0===


The better moments:
  • Monday.  It's always Monday.  That first day of the week when you're all well rested and it's easy to make yourself do the planned workouts.
  • Exercising in the morning.  It just sets a good tone for the day.
  • Being outside on Sunday!  It was warm and sunny and all-around delightful, even after my boots got soaked all the way through.
  • Finding this linkup!  I've been wanting to do posts of this nature, but couldn't think of a good format for it.  This is perfect.

The Plan for Next Week

Not to have a plan.  I think for now I'm content to just do as much as my ankle will let me and stick with biking and strength training for the days I'm not doing so well.  I will be trying to continue working out first thing in the morning, though.  It's hard to get up earlier but is so totally worth it.

What does your workout routine look like?  What do you do to stay motivated?

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  1. i love working out in the morning too, but seriously i am the opposite lol - mondays are SO hard for me, i couldn't get up this morning. hope to hit the gym after work, we'll see ;) i take stairs every day too, i'm proud of it lol!

  2. I love getting my work outs done first thing in the morning. It was hard the first two weeks I did it to make myself get up at that ungodly hour....but now that I am in a routine, I crave it. I missed my work out Friday with our heat being out and I felt off all weekend without it! I was back at it first thing this morning. I run MWF and lift Tuesday and Thursdays.

  3. I feel awful I never commented on this!!! Please don't hate me!!!

    I think it's great you are still tracking mileage even if you're not training right now. It's always good to see how you improve and get better no matter what stage of 'training' you are in. And biking is good, too!! I am a total fan of morning workouts--then I have nothing stopping me the rest of the day :)


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