Mar 5, 2015

What Have I Created?

To me this title sounds like some mad scientist, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?"  But it's not quite that exciting.  I'm really just checking in for the Make Your Own Adventure link up.

This month I was tired.  Especially after the Harry Potter DIY mess, I was just a little less enthused than I normally would be for creative projects.  I still managed to squeeze most of them in near the end, but I'll be glad to take a little break and set fewer goals for next month.  Here's my updates from February, and my new goals for the month of March, theme: Relationships.

February Create Themed Goals

1. Create an Inspirational and Organized Workspace for Art/Design by:

  • Organizing and restructuring my portfolio and computer files - Fail.  :'(
  • Printing and hanging a motivational poster I made a while back - Check!
  • Upping the cozy factor of my desk to combat the chilly basement - Check! It's just a blanket and a candle, but whatever.  It's warmer now.

Our basement is not well lit, so please ignore the shoddy quality of these.  Top picture: all this stuff used to sit on my desk and I had no space for typing or for current projects.  Now things aren't exactly tidy, but there's at least room to work.

2. Create a Healthier Lifestyle by:

  • Putting together a binder with our favorite healthy recipes - Fail. I have all the stuff for it, including some beauteous paper I bought just for this project! ...but I haven't actually assembled it yet.
  • Following through with February's Habit Building Challenge - Check! (Although success level of said challenge is another story)
  • Researching and learning more about meditation - Check! I'm currently reading Wherever You Go, There You Are: Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life, as recommended by Kelli, and I did a fair amount of research which led me to the 2 types I'm most intrigued by: mindfulness and concentration (if I ever get to the point where I feel I really understand it/have achieved it, I will elaborate, even though the book specifically said that talking about it to others defeats the purpose of meditation.  Lol!  Obviously he didn't realize who he was talking to).

The binder was from an old project and it's a navy blue faux leather material.  The paper I just bought and am in love with - all different shades of blue and green.  And, inspired by IHeart Organizing, I bought gold stickers to label the dividers.  I'm not 100% set on how to organize it, maybe by meal?  Or by "type" like entree, side, etc.  Or style?  So many possibilities!

3. Create Some Stuff!

  • Draw something - Fail.
  • Pottery class with Ryan - Check! Our class was only 2 hours long, with 1 hour on the wheel and another hour making a mug from slabs.  Not really enough time to make attractive things in either venture, but we still had a good time.
  • Greeting card art for scholarship entry - Fail. (Never got motivated)

5/9.  Yeesh!  I'm burning out a bit.  Anyway, onto the new goals for March...

March Relationship Themed Goals

March messed me up a little bit.  I was in a formatting groove and then "relationships" wasn't a verb, so I had to change my structure.  And then, since I was thinking about goals already, I went and did or set up about half of them before even getting to this month (and one's a secret that I'll tell you about later).  But I guess the "person" I most want to do stuff for is my dog.  He's been cooped up a lot this past month, and he could really use some outdoor time, and a little more attention inside the house.

So my goals are to:

  1. Visit the dog park once a week and...
  2. Spend 15 minutes playing with or grooming him every day

Do you have monthly goals?  What have you "created" recently?

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  1. You accomplished over half! I like the March goal!

  2. Great job on the goals! Especially getting that inspiration poster printed. That's always a challenge for me -- getting anything printed. Hope you & your dog have some awesome outside time in March!

  3. More dog time is on my list for March too. They suffer through winter along with the rest of us!

    I like your inspiration printer and your binder materials. I like to organize by type - apps, drinks, chicken, pork, etc.

  4. You accomplished way more than I did for February! Nothing isn't hard to beat! Haha!

    I love that you plan to spend more time with your dog :) I need to do that....They act so neglected. Of course, it is mostly dramatic, but we all could use more cuddles.

  5. My computer files are a complete disaster, I keep thinking about organizing them and never actually doing it.

  6. I love that you created a goal around grooming your dog. I am sure your dog will be happy!
    You had a lot of goals last month. I feel ya..i'm burnt out too! So exhausted from school, life, and all the craziness going on. Thanks for linking up with us.

  7. 5 out of 9 is fantastic if you ask me. Especially in a short month that's generally a de-motivating time of year for everyone.
    Yay for puppy time :) He'll be so excited!

  8. I don't even want to think about organizing my computer files. They are a nightmare

  9. Choosing the paper for the healthy foods binder is TOTALLY a pass as far as I'm concerned. Probably the hardest part ;)

    It is super cute how many people have their relationship with their dog as a goal this month. I should have focused on my fish. :p

    1. Lololol! Don't you feel guilty now? Your poor fish, not getting any attention. :P Oh, and thanks for backing me up on the recipe book. I'll pat myself on the back and pretend I'm not a slacker.


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