Apr 1, 2015

Wednesday Wanderings

My brain is roaming free and instead of trying to rein it in, I'ma let it.  Here's where my brain is wandering to this Wednesday:

Travel Thoughts

  • We got back from Texas on Monday!  It was a great trip and a beautiful wedding.
  • Ryan was the best man, and damn, did he look good in his tux!  He also managed, after days of dread and nervousness, to give a really good speech that everyone enjoyed.
  • Texas was in the 80s and beautiful!  I cannot wait until Delaware catches up.

Back to Real Life Thoughts

  • Coming back from a trip always feels like turning over a new leaf.  Now is the time to change everything and be perfect from here on out!  (Warning: delusional state to last about 4 days)
  • While I welcome the return to routine - my workout partner is always going to grate on my nerves, "Are you done being a slacker?!?!"  Yes, haha, that's very funny, I'm a lazy bum because I went on vacation, can we just shut up and lift now?
  • Thank goodness for non-sulphur-y showers!  (ranch problems)

Blog Thoughts

  • I like Sunday Sweats as a way to motivate myself, but hopefully no one feels obligated to read about my workouts.  That's why it's posted on Sunday!  No one reads on Sunday!
  • I really need to change my password for Disqus.  I'm tired of this BS "I'll just block myself out of everything" solution.  The solution is discipline and I should probably know my own passwords.
  • I am just about caught up to my scheduled posts again.  Creativity!  Where you at?

Reading Thoughts

  • The Picture of Dorian Grey was a pretty decent read but...
  • I finally bought the Mistborn Trilogy!  Book 1 was amazing.  Book 2... eh, we'll see.
  • I'm going to have to cut back again now that vacation is over.  :'(
And on that note (sad that vacation is over), I'd like to leave you with our choicest, top-quality vacation pictures.  Enjoy.

Apparently I primarily take pictures of other people's dogs (10 of 20 pictures).  Anyway, #1 is the cowardly lion who stayed away from us pretty much the whole trip.  #2 is our little ranch haven with the sulphur showers.  And #3 was to document our first sunshine in months!

Pictures.  Good.  We take.

What's been on your mind lately?  If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  Do you take terrible travel photos?

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  1. Haha I love your sunshine selfie! I usually don't touch my phone much while on vacation so I don't get a ton of pictures. Right now I would give anything to be on the beach!

  2. I had all my passwords saved in the notes section of my phone. When my cats killed my phone I lost some of my passwords but thankfully not all of them


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