May 6, 2015

Late Nights - I Love 'Em! (for real, though)

I got slightly less than 3 hours of sleep last night.  Last night disappeared before my eyes, between procrastination chores ("Homework? Nahhh, laundry!"), working out and being perhaps excessively social with my workout buddy, a last minute client project ("I can fit this in - it's just a small one!"), some very important label-making, and then FINALLY working on my final.

This morning, I was groggily stumbling around wondering why I do this to myself.  But as my brain's (slowly) woken up, a stronger voice is making it's presence known, "Because you love it."

I do.  I love the random productive late nights when you get a million things done.  I love staying up to work on design projects.  And, as frustrating as it can be, I even love struggling with code.

This is what my project looks like so far.  What. A. Mess.  (And yes, my final project is also my wedding/elopement website.  Convenient, eh?)

After several hours of working on my final project, I think it actually looks worse than it did before.  But I know enough now to see that there's a fairly minor issue, probably with the CSS positioning.  Once I figure that out, those stripes up top will magically widen to encompass the content areas they're supposed to.

I've also worked with enough projects to know that it doesn't have to get finished up all in one shot (my last real client website I worked on for 20 hours straight because I couldn't put it down; by the end, my brain was so tired that it was 10 time harder to figure things out).  It doesn't even have to look good at the end of each coding session.  It just needs to have more in place than it did last time.

At this stage in the past, I'd be filled with dread and frustration.  "Why isn't it doing what I want?!?!"  But this time around, I'm enjoying the prospect of the challenges ahead.  I've got this, even if I don't know how yet.

I think part of that is working out a schedule ahead of time where I'm confident there's enough time to get it all done (and done well - not half-assed).  And I think the other part is embracing who I am.

Is it smart to stay up most of the night working on projects, and then randomly decide to finally print the labels to finish up the DIY recipe book project I started in February?  No.  But it's who I am and what I like to do (plus it is gorgeous - no regrets!).

And I'm looking forward to doing it again tonight.  Being tired for a couple days is well worth the joy I experience from that burst of late-night productivity.  Time to kick some ass, and then take some naps!

Bonus: this week's theme song.

Do you ever stay up late just to put a dent in your to do list?  Do you have any unhealthy or unwise habits that you don't regret at all?

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  1. If I have too much to do, I have to stay up and complete some of it or I cant sleep. I will just lay in bed and agonize over it, so I figure best to just knock a few things out!!! I am sure your final project will come together just fine! I love that you are multitasking with it!

  2. I really need to pull some late nights soon to get some stuff caught up thanks to the move. I might even exercise! Can't wait to see your final project (if you share it with us that is!)

  3. i have lots of bad habits i don't regret haha. i rarely stay up for 'projects' because i don't have any projects.. but i have been known to stay up till 2am to finish a book or tv series.. sometimes, if it's a friday night, i stay up till 2 and i'm like oh it's only 2, ok now it's 3, oh well it's too late now, may as well stay up all night. yep.


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