May 26, 2015

Movies I Liked with Actors I Don't

You know how you've got your pet actors, whose movies you'll go see just because they're in it?  And maybe also actors whose movies you avoid because you can't stand them and they always play THE SAME CHARACTER!?

Well sometimes my favorites fail me, and sometimes the people I love to hate surprise me.  Let's see if you agree with any.

6 Movies I Liked Despite the Actors

1. Tom Cruise | The Last Samurai

Tom Cruise is pretty notorious for playing the same role in all his movies.  And once you've seen him being smug and cocky in one of them, it certainly feels like you've seen them all.  But The Last Samurai was, well, good.  I really enjoyed it.  Tom Cruise had a bit more humility than usual, which helped, but something about it really just got to me.

Favorite Quote: "I will miss our conversations."  (Such a simple thing to say to sum up the vast cultural divide they've transcended.  I actually said this to a coworker after getting a new job, because, while not as drastic as the movie, we had very different backgrounds and still managed to have some really interesting dialogue.)

2. Will Ferrell | Stranger Than Fiction

I'm not generally a fan of what I call "stupid comedy."  The humor in Will Ferrell's movies is mostly derived from WTF moments, and him acting like an idiot.  But Stranger Than Fiction was more serious, and his character was, for lack of a better word, out of character for him.  The concept behind it was what really made me like it (a man finds out an author is writing his life and it turns into a destiny vs free will thing), but there were a couple cute scenes where I really liked the characters, as well.  (Speaking of cute, Elf wasn't bad either.)

Favorite Quote: "I brought you flours."  Ahhh, so cute!  Plus, puns!

3. Katherine Heigl | 27 Dresses

Katherine Heigl's been in so many really bad romantic comedies, and 27 Dresses wasn't much different.  I honestly am not sure why this one made the cut, but it's the only one where I actually like her character.  I sort of liked Knocked Up, which she's in, but I wasn't a fan of her character specifically.

Favorite Quote: Not really one quote, but that whole thing about watching the groom instead of the bride.  I do that now at weddings and it's pretty much exactly how it'd described in the movie.

4. Gerard Butler | 300

I didn't know who Gerard Butler was until 300, and then I fell in love with him and he was awesome and amazing and so incredibly epic.  But then I had the misfortune to see him in a couple romantic comedies, and he's the same character in both - a huge asshole with a "soft spot" that makes all the misery of his company worthwhile (retch).  I should probably watch him in a different genre to give him a shot at redeeming himself, but I don't know if I can.  The dislike is too strong.

Favorite Quote:  All of them!  "With your shield or on it!"  "Only Spartan women give birth to real men."  I guess I should have one that Gerard Butler actually said.  Uh... "for tonight we dine in hell!" and "You see, old friend?  I brought more soldiers than you did."  Basically everything where they're being epic and badass, which is pretty much the entire movie.

5. Jim Carrey | Yes Man (and The Mask)

I grew up on The Mask, so I always thought Jim Carrey was awesome.  But then I saw Me, Myself, and Irene and Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber, and I realized most of his movies are the dumbest of the dumb humor.  Bruce Almighty was alright, but it wasn't until Yes Man that I actually liked him in a movie again.  He seemed a little more toned down, and his character and Zooey Deschanel's romance is super cute.

Favorite Quote(s): "She's Never Gonna Go to a Ball." (and "Smokin'!")

6. Adam Sandler | The Longest Yard

Adam Sandler is another one who makes a lot of "stupid humor" movies and I really just don't understand the appeal.  He had a couple movies that I thought were ok, like 50 First Dates, but the only one I've thought worth watching again was The Longest Yard (which I recently learned is a remake).  Adam Sandler doesn't do as many ridiculous, dumb things as usual, and I enjoyed Chris Rock's character a lot.

Favorite Quote: Uh... yeah, I looked at the quotes on IMDB and now I'm wondering if this movie was really that good.  I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and keep it in the list but apparently the dialogue didn't come across well in quote form.

Other Thoughts

So I found a list of "most hated" actors/actresses in the process of coming up with ideas.  Most of them were people I didn't care one way about or another, but Anne Hathaway was on there!  What's up with that?!  I feel like her movies started out just ok and have only gotten better.  Ella Enchanted - blegh (read the book, the book is amazing!).  The Princess Diaries - Ehhh, ok.  The Devil Wears Prada - better.  Batman - alright there, not bad!  Les Miserables - effing amazing.  Plus, just watch her rap on Conan.  How can you not love her?!?!?!

What movies do you like despite the actors in them?  What actor/actress do you like that other people don't seem to?

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  1. Ah man, I disagree with you on some of these (the actors not the movies) but I'm sure I could make a really long version of my own list. I do agree with you on Tom Cruise, he's not my favorite-but I have liked more of his movies than I thought I would. Now, Penelope Cruise really gets on my nerves but I do like Vanilla Sky.

    1. Lol - it's ok. I find myself pretty outnumbered when it comes to modern comedies. Obviously people like the whole over-the-top style humor, or they wouldn't keep making movies like that, but I'd rather watch an older comedy, or something a little more dry and witty.

      I haven't really watched Penelope Cruz in too much, so I can just agree with you, since I don't have my own opinion. :P

  2. I don't get the hatred of Anne Hathaway either! I think she's a great actress! I'm with you on Tom Cruise...I feel like he's reached a level of fame where you only ever see 'Tom Cruise in a movie' instead of his intended character. My two exceptions are Minority Report and Edge of Tomorrow - I though they were both excellent. Ben Affleck is my pick for actors I don't enjoy...I don't know why he just drives me nuts. The one exception is The Town (which he also directed). It's fantastic, and he is excellent in it.

    1. I forgot about Minority Report! That was a good one. I'll have to try Edge of Tomorrow. After some of the comments, I've been reminded of more good movies by Tom Cruise and Gerard Butler both, so I might have to reconsider my stance.

      I'm glad I've got another Anne Hathaway supporter!

  3. I love Adam Sandler so I'm not with you there, but otherwise I agree. I usually can't do Tom Cruise movies.
    I gotta say, I also don't like Anne Hathaway but I can't put my finger on why. It's not that I hate her movies (I actually like Princess Diaries and the Devil Wears Prada) but there's just something about her. Not my favorite.

  4. Is it sad that I have only seen 27 dresses on your list? Oops. But probably because I avoid some of those same people. Now, I do enjoy Adam Sandler though. Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Anger Management,The Wedding Singer, Mr Deeds, Just Go With It....I love them all! I never saw Jack and Jill because I thought it looked stupid. But the rest...yes!

    I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, but I did like Days of Thunder. haha.

  5. OMG I feel the same way about Tom Cruise! He is so boring to watch! Also not a Will Farrell fan. I also think Kristen Stewart is a horrific actress.

  6. awww I love Gerard Butler!! He's fabulous.
    I HATE Tom Cruise and I refuse to watch his movies lol. I also don't like Angelina Jolie, but I loved Maleficent.

  7. I love Adam Sandler as long as he isn't doing that stupid voice he tends to do.

  8. I love me some Gerard Butler. Have you seen Gamer? Or the one with him and Jaime Foxx? So good. I agree on that 27 Dresses scene. I ALWAYS look at the bride, then watch the groom. It's nice to see his reaction.


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