May 4, 2015

Sunday Sweats - I Lived to Tell the Tale

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I set up a workout schedule with my neighbor last week, and I think this is going to be really good as far as accountability.  I have 3 workout partners right now and set workout schedules with all of them: M/T/W lift weights at lunch with my dad, T/Th gym with my neighbor, Su yoga or pilates with my mom.  So that's 5 days of the week I can't flake out on my workouts, at least not without hearing about it from someone!

In other news, yesterday was race day!  (which is the main reason I'm a day late with this.  I am tiiiired.)

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Strength Training, 30 Min Biking

Bench, pull downs, flys, ankle rehab.  Biked after work and read, which was a really nice little respite from the otherwise constant productivity today.

Tuesday - Strength Training, 1 Mile Run, 10 Min Biking

We tried something new today.  At first I was concerned, because my father tends to ignore safety and clean and press's (s'/'s/s's/zzzz?) involve a lot of free motion with the bar that your spotter can't really help you with if you get off balance.  But after trying it out (with just the bar), I didn't feel too out of control and it was a good workout!  I was breathing hard after only 2 sets.  Then dumbbell curls, tris, and ankle rehab.  After work I was exhausted, so it was good to have a workout buddy to force me to go to the gym.  Unfortunately, my ankle was being stupid, so after a mile I switched over to the bike and rode a bit while we chit chatted about books.  There are worse ways to work out!

Wednesday - Strength Training

Non-workout related note: I tried whey protein powder!  I bought the chocolate flavored stuff for Ryan, because he said he wanted to get in on my breakfast smoothie routine.  Naturally, he has yet to try it, but I put a scoop in my smoothie this morning along with the usual stuff (banana, strawberries, greek yogurt, kale mix, splash of V8 Fusion, and chia seeds) and it was soooo delicious!  I checked the nutrition label after, because something that tastes that good can't be healthy, and it wasn't bad.  1 serving is 150 calories and a whopping 52% of your daily protein!  Holy crap!  I was so distracted by that, that I forgot to check for sugar, but I seriously doubt there could be enough sugar in it to overcome how impressed I am by the protein content.  At this rate, I'm considering having smoothies for all my meals.  (NOTE; I checked the sugar - minimal.  Even more impressed.  But after some research, I have concluded that whole food sources of protein are still needed.)

Squats today, along with some half-hearted lunges, calf raises, and ankle rehab.

Thursday - Strength Training, 30 Min Biking

Just a mini workout.  Some shoulder stuff, but mostly just stretching and ankle rehab.  Trying to prepare myself (and my ankle) for Sunday.  Biked after work.

Friday - 9 Min Pilates

I went home during lunch, and didn't have much time, but squeezed in one of Sean Vigue's mini Pilates workouts, which was kind of nice.

Saturday - 60 Min Yoga

More Sean Vigue, because of all the videos we follow, he seems to do the most stretching and I want to work out every kink before tomorrow (1 Hour Beginner Yoga Class).  So nervous!  The race has a time limit (something I was not aware of when I signed up) of 15 min miles.  No big deal, you might say, unless you're not capable of running 10 miles!  Ack!!!  I did the math - at my pace (12 minute miles), I need to run at least 6.5 miles before I can walk (using a moderate walking pace of 3mph or 20 minute miles).

Sunday - The 10 Miler!!!

I made it!  It wasn't fun, but it also wasn't awful.  I made it about 4.5 miles before walking, and then alternated between walking and jogging.  Somehow I averaged 11.5 minute miles, which was most unexpected, considering how much I walked!

I won't do a full race recap, but here's the highlights:

  • Excited spectators cheering us on for almost the entirety of the race.
  • Some particularly skillful drummers around mile 3.
  • The fire hydrants that had been loosened to spray us with cool water as we ran by.
  • The signs!  "Worst Parade Ever" and "Don't Trust a Fart After Mile 5" (funny AND good advice) and "Hit Sign for Power Up" with the Mario mushroom.
  • Getting to mile 8, realizing I was going to finish within the time limit, and finding "my people" who were also run/walking and, while we took turns passing each other, we stayed close enough that I got to recognize them and could use them for pacing.
  • The end!  Because it was over, and because my time was surprisingly good.
  • All the food.  We had pretzels, and water, and goody bags filled with food, and then there was a stand with free ice cream samples (hazelnut flavored - delicious!).
  • My ankle didn't hurt at all.  And still doesn't.  (Don't know why since the 1 mile on Tuesday hurt it, but not going to think too hard about it.)
Also worth noting: I was so nervous about this.  I was convinced I wasn't going to make it, and I was afraid of doing something wrong, or that I'd be the first one walking, and on and on.  After having run it, I've realized a 10 Miler is really not that different from a 5K.  There's people of all different fitness levels, some people start walking right from mile 1, and everyone's positive and encouraging.  Now that I've done it, I'm feeling so much less intimidated and I'm going to go ahead and sign up for that half marathon in August.

Last thing and then I'm done.  Because I was nervous, I came up with all these silly pre-race rituals.  And now that the race went as well as it did, I'm pretty much going to have to do this all every time:
  • Eat light the day before - mostly liquids and no dinner
  • Yoga the day before (but something a lot easier than the 1 hour video - my shoulders, back, and hamstrings were tired!)
  • Calf/ankle massage with lemon and peppermint essential oils (for "energy")
  • Compression socks (Thanks for the suggestion, Alyssa!)
  • Caffeine the morning of (but not a ton, because it's a diuretic)

Total Weekly Mileage: 11
Total Hours Exercised: 6.5
Weeks to Next Race: 0

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

It's done!  I'm so happy!  I know my ankle's not giving me problems (now), but in the past it's always been after a longer run, so I think, just to be safe, I'll focus mostly on biking for the next week or two.  After that, I'll ease back into a new running plan to get ready for the half marathon!  And I want to add more yoga into my schedule.  It works my body in places that nothing else seems to.

How did your workouts go this week?  What's the longest distance you've ever run?

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  1. Wow! Such motivation! You are killing it! I'm just easing into the whole fitness thing after a very long hiatus!

  2. Congrats on your race, that is awesome!!!! You are all a 10 mile isn't much different than a 5K and I am over here like...bitch please! Haha! But seriously!!! Congrats, and way to go! :) I love the Mario power up sign, so creative!

  3. I'm so happy your 10-miler went so well! I think that's my favorite distance. You're absolutely right - there are people of all sizes, shapes, and paces at every distance. Sign yourself up for that half!

  4. yayyyy i am so happy your race went well!! i knew it would ;)


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