May 31, 2015

Sunday Sweats - Races and Healthy Eating

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Returning from vacation and getting back to the grind!

On Friday, I wrote about sugar addiction, and I'll be making a few notes here in the Sunday Sweats post, just because it's a convenient way to track symptoms/progress/etc.  I'm NOT going to start keeping a food journal (or at least not here on the blog), because I know no one's interested in that.  As always, feel free to skip these posts!  I wasn't terribly interested in people's workouts until I started tracking my own, so I certainly won't be offended if you're not interested in mine.

Weekly Workouts

Monday - NOLA Adventures

I'll be honest, by Monday I was pretty burned out.  So Monday was spent primarily reading in the hotel room and preparing to fly home.

Tuesday - 1 Mile Run | DTT: 12 Min

Spent most of the day traveling, and then took a nap upon arriving home (New Orleans is not the most restful vacation spot).  Afterwards, Ryan cajoled me into joining him for a run, which was actually pretty nice, because it was my short run day, so I'm back on schedule for my training plan this week.

Wednesday - 30 Min Biking, Yoga, Strength Training | DTT: 75 Min

I got up early to bike and do some yoga.  Nothing special, just some self-guided stuff to stretch out my back, hips, and legs, and some planking/pushups to kinda/sorta/not really make up for missing bench day.  Leg workout at lunchtime but leg press instead of squats since my workout partner was MIA.

Sugar Withdrawal Day 1: Pretty minimal.  I'm expecting the worst around day 3 and day 7.

Thursday - 1 Mile Run, 30 Min Biking | DTT: 40 Min

I wasn't supposed to run today, but I put on real exercise clothes to encourage myself to walk the dog and bike for real (actually sweat and not just push pedals around), and then when I was outside it just felt so good that I couldn't help myself!  So I ran whatever pace Luke and I wanted to run, which typically means lots of short, quick spurts.  Running on my toes is starting to feel easy and pleasant (but it still makes me fairly sore the next day, so I'm not quite ready to add it to my regular running schedule).  Afterwards I biked with a high enough resistance level that I could feel the burn.

SW Day 2: I tried to make an alternative "sweet" thing.  Chia pudding with skim milk, chia seeds, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs, almonds, and cinnamon.  My body is not fooled.

Friday - Nada

Eh, life happens.

SW Day 3: I'm catching on to some of my unhealthy mental patterns.  "Stressful things are happening so I deserve a ___."  No, no, noooo.  I need to retrain my brain as well as my body.

Saturday - 5 Mile Run | DTT: 63 Min

This run was tough.  I ran indoors, so it shouldn't have been too bad, but I made it worse by increasing the incline past what I've done before in the middle of the run.  Half a mile later, I was exhausted with 2 miles left to go.  So I walked a bit.  My own fault.

SW Day 4: After the run, even after drinking my usual breakfast smoothie, my body crashed pretty hard.  I got shaky and started sweating and I had to lie down.  Probably not sugar withdrawal, but since my mom cured me with apple slices, I thought I'd mention it.  It's possible my body is having issues with having less calories than usual (not because I'm counting them, just because I've cut out all my binge foods).

Sunday - Yoga | DTT: 60 Min

We did a Patricia Walden dvd at my mom's house (Ryan has started doing it with us - our following is growing!).  Some triangle pose, proud warrior, and lots of seated twisty things that were hard for me, because it's already difficult to just sit straight up when my legs are out in front of me.

SW Day 5: That chia pudding is starting to taste pretty good.

Total Weekly Mileage: 7
Weekly Total Time: 4 hr 10 min
Weeks to Next Race: 2 (Wipeout Run - 5K), 11 (The Town's Half Marathon - 13.1), 17 (Beat the Blerch - 13.1)

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

I was expecting this week to be slow in the wake of vacation hangover, but it was actually pretty good.  I've been eating really well, exercise has actually felt good, and my body is just generally happy.  So no plans to make any changes in what I'm doing for now.  The next couple weeks will be a bit off, as far as training schedule, but as long as I stay the course, things should be pretty smooth after that.

Oh!  I signed up for another half.  The guy behind The Oatmeal started his own race called "Beat the Blerch."  The Blerch is a character from this awesome comic about running, and the race is going to involve people in blerch suits chasing the runners, as well as cake and nutella stations throughout.  Best race ever?  I think so.  (Although I'm not planning on going too hard on the mid-race snacks - I mean, running on a full stomach = no good.  And that whole sugar thing I was talking about.)  And now that there's one in New Jersey, it's not even that far away!!!

How did your workouts go this week?  What have been your favorite races to run?  What's the best race snack you've ever had?!

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  1. I love reading these posts because it shows me I suck at working out and I need to up my game. I think June is going to be that month where I stop making excuses. I feel awful overall about my body and how i feel most of the time. So maybe I am going to try to start jogging again. Wish me luck and kudos to you for keeping it up!

  2. I ran a marathon in March and made friends with a guy who was wearing a shirt with The Blerch on it! That sounds like such a fun race. Good luck getting ready for your upcoming races!

  3. Look at you eating well and having your work outs feel good. I have noticed lately that I am actually enjoying to "feel the burn" and that worked out hard soreness where before I might now have pushed myself as hard so that I wouldn't feel it. The race you signed up for sounds fun! Good luck this week!


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