May 10, 2015

Sunday Sweats - The Relaxing Week

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Compared to all the pre-race anxiety, pretty much anything would be relaxing.  I took it fairly easy to rest up my ankle (which is mostly fine, but I can feel the warning twinges every now and again), and also because my final project was due today.  On that note, the past couple weeks have been amazing!  2 weeks ago - design projects done, well in time for Sister2's wedding!  1 week ago - race is over with, major source of anxiety gone!  Today - final project done and handed in!  My to do list isn't terrifying anymore!!!

Anyway, back to the workouts.

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Strength Training | DT: 30 Min

Bench, pulldowns, and ankle rehab.  My bench was a little weak, but that's probably to be expected.  I had cardio aspirations after work, but after grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and some classwork, I was all too happy to crawl into bed.

Tuesday - Strength Training, Biking | DT: 60 Min

A pretty mellow lunchtime workout - just dumbbell curls, db triceps extensions, and ankle rehab.  Any day that it's free weights instead of the bar is a chill day.  :-)  After work biked for half an hour at our community gym with my neighbor.  Working out with a buddy is not the most time efficient way to do it (lots of chatting before and after), but it does make it so much more fun!

Wednesday - Strength Training, Biking/Yoga | DT: 60 Min

Barbell squats, lunges, calf raises, and general ankle rehab/stretching.  It's probably silly, but ever since I managed to reach my toes a couple weeks ago, stretching is a highlight of each day.  After work, I biked a little bit, but (surprise, surprise!) my legs were pretty worn out, so I switched over to the yoga mat halfway through my allotted half hour.  I made up my own routine, but it's kind of nice that I know enough poses to be able to do that.  A vinyasa flow, moving from down dog to baby cobra (because it always makes my back sore, so obviously those muscles need work), spinal twists (because I love them and do them almost every day, anyway), balance work, and general stretching.

Thursday - Biking | DT: 45 Min

Was aiming for an hour, but 45 minutes in my stomach was growling and making horrendous noises, so I gave in and ate dinner instead of finishing.  It's easy to make biking too easy, by setting it at a comfortable level and then just reading the whole time and not thinking about it.  So now I'm gauging by sweat levels.  If I'm not sweating, then I probably need to bump it up a level.

Friday - Nada

Rest day.  (But I'll let you in on a secret: I don't have any scheduled "rest days."  Rest day really means I was a bum.)

Saturday - 3 Mile Run | DT: 36 Min

Went to the park and ran outside.  You'd think, having just gone 10 miles last weekend that this would be a piece of cake.  Nope.  Not at all!  I mean, I made it.  And my lungs were fine (which is how I always measure "in shape-ness").  But it felt gross the whole time.

Sunday - Pilates | DT: 40 Min

My mom and I did one of our favorite pilates videos (Dynamic Pilates Full Body). Nothing terribly exciting but it's always nice to get everything all stretched out and loosened up to start the next week.

    Total Weekly Mileage: 3
    Total Time Exercised: 4' 31"
    Weeks to Next Race: 14 - We signed up for the The Town's Half Marathon!!!

    Thoughts Going Into Next Week

    I'm free!  I'm so excited for all the sleep and having nothing to do each night other than exercise and make dinner.  I made myself a training schedule for the half marathon, and this first week is a pretty light one.  I set it up so that I'm transitioning slowly from what I already do (mostly strength training and biking) into running.  I plan on being much more gentle on my ankle this time, and each week the overall mileage only increases by 1 (or 2 later on in the plan when the weekly miles are higher).

    Also, I'm really liking the compression socks!  (Recommended by the lovely Alyssa.)  It's hard to tell for sure if they're helping, buuut I have yet to experience ankle issues when wearing them.  So it might be time to get a second pair.

    How did your workouts go this week?  Have you ever tried compression gear?

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    1. Sounds like you have a great week ahead of you! Also hurray for having some free time! I'm hoping I can squeeze some of that in this week too.

    2. I think gauging by sweat level on the bike is a good idea. I know what you mean about kind of zoning out while biking and then you realize you feel like you barely did anything. I LOVE compression socks for after a run. I hate wearing them while running. I've tried it, and it doesn't work for me. But for recovery, I can definitely tell a difference!

    3. I have never tried compression socks before. Sounds interesting. It sounds like you have a great week ahead too!!! I am back at it hard core this week after taking it really easy last week. This morning's run was a struggle but I felt SO GOOD after I was done! Have a great week!

    4. Looks like you had a good week! How did you do on your race? I know you were nervous, but I'm sure you rocked it!


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