Jun 18, 2015

If You Give an Optimizer a Blog...

...she will want another one to go with it!  (Get it?  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?  No?  Ok...)

Hello All!  Welcome to my new space, Optimization, Actually.

In case you didn't just travel here from my other blog, the backstory:

After a year of fun on Business, Life & Design, and a wee bit of soul searching, I came to a conclusion.  I'm not a graphic designer with a blog and I'm not a blogger who does graphic design.  I'm a graphic designer AND I'm a blogger.  They're separate identities.

I love being able to talk about social issues, religion, and working to improve my (plethora of) flaws.  But I don't necessarily want to broadcast that to potential clients or employers.  So I'm dividing these two sides of myself so that each blog can focus on just one thing.

To sum up: Business, Life & Design is about to get a bit more, well, business-y.  And Optimization, Actually... is the answer to the question, "What do I blog about?"

Optimization might seem like an odd choice, given the spare usage of that tag thus far on the blog, but it's just another aspect of that phrase I frequently (over)use: actualization.  To optimize means to improve the function of something to take it to the highest level of efficacy possible.  Self actualization is the realization of your full potential.

The two go hand in hand.  And while I might talk about self actualization more, optimization is the tool I'm using to get there.  So this entire blog, my entire life really, centers around one, surprising, focal point.  Optimization, actually.

Welcome to the new blog!  I've moved over all my posts, and you'll notice the overall look hasn't changed very much.  I'll be making small tweaks over the next few weeks, but don't expect any major overhauls - I still love my personal branding as much as ever.

Have you ever made a branding switch?  Any tips on minimizing the confusion for readers?

Jenn signature graphic | Business, Life & Design


  1. I've had the same blog name (on two blogs, technically, but I shut one down and then just used the same name for this new one :)) for like... 5 years I think? And it's been the name I've had on Twitter since 2008 and on Instagram since whenever I started using Instagram. I don't think I'd be able to rebrand, haha, but I have thought about what I'd change my name to if I did. I got nothing. So I guess that's a sign I should stay put ;)
    Anyway, congrats on the new space! Can't wait to see what you do with it here!

  2. Oh, hello new space!!! Just an FYI....your bloglovin button on this blog goes to your old one. Change it and let me know so I can follow the new one :) I would hate to miss a post, duh!

  3. Re-branding isn't so bad actually. As long as you change across all platforms you should be set!

  4. Awesome! I think you've got the right idea, and I hope this move works out for you how you're envisioning it! :)

  5. I have had a blog for 3 years and I think I've changed its name every year. Although I am pretty sure I am keeping Cat Hair and Glitter.

  6. Can I just say I love the look of your signature? Super fun!

    I've debated "rebranding". I put it in quotes because I don't really feel as though I have a "brand". Anywho... I've considered changing my name several times but can never come up with something I genuinely like.


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