Jun 16, 2015

Phone Photo Pick Me Up

I've been feeling cranky.  A little tired, and drained, and wanting to write but not having anything nice to say.  So I looked through my phone photos to cheer myself up and you know what?  It worked!  It always does.

So, like last time, I'm sharing.  Here's 5 recent phone photos and why they put a smile on my face!

1. New Orleans Style Omelette

New Orleans style omelette

I'm not normally a food picture taker, but this was the last meal I ate in New Orleans (at the airport, actually) and it was soooo good.  Totally unexpected for airport food, and an excellent way to bid adieu to Sister2's bachelorette weekend adventure.

2. Cardbox Crafting

I think I've made it pretty clear I'm not much of a crafter.  Nevertheless, I still volunteered myself for all kinds of tasks for Sister2's wedding, to get them off her plate (and because I enjoy it even when it turns out looking like poop).  Momma and I actually picked up those textured shoeboxes at JoAnn's, which saved me a ton of time in wrapping and trying to make ordinary shoeboxes look presentable!  Then I superglued them together, stabbed a hole through the middle (with an exacto knife; it's a small blade so it was a lot of stabbing), and glued on all the other accessories.  It turned out fairly well despite my lack of finesse!

3. Luke Can Drive!

When I'm not dressing my dog up in my clothes, I'm posing him in random places because I think it's adorable even if no one else does.  Here he is not being terribly excited about being in the driver's seat.

4. My New Dice

I bought these because we need all D10s in our current game and we'd been having a hard time scraping together enough from the various sets.  Plus, the last time we'd played, we'd rolled an astounding number of 1s and decided that our dice were jinxed.  So I bought my own.  I like the nerd cred of having my own dice, but mostly these are just gorgeous.  Look at those colors!!!

5. Blurry Wedding Prep

This is blurry, but I didn't document the wedding prep phase very well so this is what you get.  That's me and Sister3 with our wedding hair and makeup, and I'm still kind of blown away at how grown up and gorgeous she is.

And now that I got to talk about all my favorite photos, I'm actually feeling quite cheerful.  Ready to make some new phone memories!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!!!

Do you go through your phone photos?  What is your favorite thing to look at when you're feeling down?

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  1. Go Luke, I hope he went somewhere fun!

    I love the colors of the die, I'm thinking they're going to be lucky for you.

    When I feel blue I look at my IG because it has loads of beach pictures and everyone knows I'm all about the beach.

  2. Doggies!!!! :) Those dice are so fun and pretty! I love it! Now excuse me while I go dream about that omelet.


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