Jun 23, 2015

Quarterly Goals - Summer 2015

Goals???  What are those?  It's been a while since I've done a goals post or even looked to see what my spring goals were.  I think it was necessary while life was piling stuff on me, but now I'm pretty much caught up and ready to get back into it!

Here's how I've done for spring.

Spring Seasonal Goals

1. Canoe - Nope.  Other than running, not a lot of outdoorsy things happened this spring.

2. Organize File Cabinet - Nada.

3. Ace My Class - Close enough (A-).  Part of it was getting sick, part was getting used to the user interface, and part of it was a miscommunication between myself and the instructor.  Overall it was a fantastic class and I learned a lot, so I'm not going to worry about that pesky minus.

4. Write Speech/Ceremony for Sister2's Wedding - Check!

5. Run 10 Miles - Sort of?  I completed the Broad Street Run, but I didn't exactly run the whole way.  I'm still counting it.

6. Research Home Buying - Check!  I'm so glad I said "research" instead of "start looking."  But I'm glad I got to this step, because the whole process seems a bit less scary now.

7. Hike - Nah.

8. Spring Cleaning (Combat the dog smell) - Check!  Ryan actually found this amazing powder that you sprinkle over the carpet and then vacuum up.  It makes the whole house smell amazing!

9. Organize Portfolio & Computer Files - Check!  I actually did this while procrastinating on my homework one night.  Lol!  Not great for my sleep that night, but it was something that needed to be done, and I'm a lot happier with my file organization system now.

10. Be Less "Busy" and Enjoy Life More - Ehhh... I tried.  I wrote about eliminating some of the busywork from my life.  It was partially successful, but while I remained busier than I intended, I did get a lot better at handling it.  So I'll take this one.

7/10!  As you can see, I'm very flexible on what I call a "success."  But I kind of feel like, now that it's over, what's the point of beating yourself up that you didn't get things done exactly the way you envisioned it?  Give yourself credit for what you did accomplish, enjoy the small victories, and then move on.  If you're not enjoying it, then what's the point?!

Anyway, here's the new goals...

Summer Seasonal Goals

  1. Run a Half Marathon! (Already signed up so now I just need to keep training)
  2. Filing Cabinet (Fo' real this time)
  3. Barbell Squat My Bodyweight
  4. Look at Houses
  5. Redesign JennWellsDesign.com (and update portfolio)
  6. Go to the Beach!
  7. Play More Games
  8. Blog Makeover (Edit: Oops, I did this already.  Make that 7 goals for summer.)
Seasonal goals are interesting, because when you write them, you really have no idea what's going to be the most pressing tasks you have in a month or 2.  For example, my spring goals were a wide range of things, but the stuff I spent the most time working on was school and Sister2's wedding.  Really, everything else dropped to the wayside, and if it got done, it was more by coincidence than anything else.

I'm hoping summer will be a little more relaxed than springtime.  There were so many positive, wonderful things going on, but I'd really like to lay around a bit.  Perhaps I'll schedule it.

Do you make seasonal goals?  What are you planning for this summer?  Do you ever schedule time to not do things?

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  1. Looking at houses is fun, I cant' buy until next year but I'm constantly checking what's for sale in our area and driving through neighborhoods I think I might like.

    Come to my beach!

  2. I don't know if Blogger is eating my comments or if you're moderating, so I'm trying again—feel free to delete if it doubles ;)
    Did you do the Broad Street Run in Philly?? I want to do that one year. And what half marathon are you planning on doing?? Good luck in your training!!

  3. You'll be able to check #6 off your list!!! :D Seriously, super excited by that. And #3 intrigues me since I squat. Can I be super invasive and ask what that number is? I know I'm at more than half mine, but not close to 100%.

  4. I have made no goals this summer. But actually blogging should probably be the first one I make. Ive been awful this summer


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