Jun 21, 2015

Sunday Sweats - Defining Success

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How do you measure progress?  With some things, it's easy.  Like weight lifting.  Every few weeks you find yourself being able to lift just a little bit more.  Running has a definite progression as well, although I've found it to be more variable, depending on how well-rested I am, if I've eaten too recently or too long ago, etc.  But as I've continued, I've definitely noticed how much easier it is to breathe, and my perception of distance is altered.  3 miles is no longer a "long" run like it once was.

I'm stumped on is this healthy eating thing.  I mean, obviously many people eat better in the hopes that they'll lose weight.  And my weight is inching it's way down, slowly.  But I find myself becoming far too interested in the scale, and weighing myself far more often than I ever wanted to.  I never wanted to focus on weight, or even size.  I wanted to focus on health.  But other than the minuscule change in weight, I haven't noticed too many benefits of better eating habits.  Which is not to say they aren't there, but thus far they haven't been anything measurable or noticeable enough that I can celebrate a particular success.

Any thoughts on this one?  How do I measure success in the healthy eating area without getting too tied to the scale?

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Strength Training, 3 Mile Run, Biking, Yoga | DTT: 94 Min

I didn't get up early enough to bike before work (Game of Thrones finale last night - up late but totally worth it!).  Lunchtime: bench press with dumbbells today, for some variety.  Also pull downs, around the worlds, and various ankle rehab things.  I took a nap after work and then Ryan convinced me to run with him when I woke up.  My legs were hurting (shins instead of calves, which has me mildly concerned), so I biked for a bit afterwards, hoping that would help like it has in the past (nope), and then finally did another day from my yoga challenge.  Now that I'm backed up, I can pick and choose which ones to watch, so I did the lower back one.

Tuesday - Strength Training | DTT: 30 Min

Icing my shin today and hoping that the ache goes away.  My morning exercise plan is not off to a good start this week, but I suppose it doesn't really matter as long as it happens at some point during the day.  Which it did not.  But I did manage to struggle up out of my pit of self pity and do some non-health related things to make myself feel better.  Sometimes that's all you can ask for.

Wednesday - Biking | DTT: 30 Min

Did I mention my foot had been going numb?  Yeah, it was freaking me out until I read a bit more about it.  Apparently that can happen from nerve compression from tight shoes, or inflammation in the foot.  After examination, there's a weird lump on the top of my foot, which is probably from banging it around at the Wipeout Run or some such ridiculousness.  Finally, after having it recommended by 5 different people, I took an anti-inflammatory, and hours later it was all better.  Thank goodness.  Still skipping the squat workout though, and opting for some nice, easy, low-impact biking.

Thursday - Nada

I fell into a pit of sadness and self-pity until I decided to take the night off.  I did no homework, no client projects, no blog things, no exercise, and it was awesome.  Plus 9 hours of sleep.

Friday - 5 Miles Run | DTT: 60 Min

I was supposed to do a 7 mile run this week, but my body wasn't having it.  After doing over a mile of run/walking, I finally called it quits.  Better than nothing, right?

Saturday - 1 Mile Run  | DTT: 12 Min

I was going to try to catch up to the 7, but after one mile I was dying.  My body's exhausted and I'm not sure why.

Sunday - Yoga | DTT: 60 Min

Pilates with my mom.  It's been a while since we did this one, and it was tough!  My legs are aching from the last couple days, so that's not fun either.

Total Weekly Mileage: 9
Weekly Total Time: 4 hr 46 min
Weeks to Next Race: 8 (The Town's Half Marathon - 13.1), 14 (Beat the Blerch - 13.1)

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

Run more?  Not be tired?  I don't know.  I've got a lot of client projects coming up so this has the potential to be a rough week for my workout routine.  We'll see how it goes.  Oh!  But I did finally make an appointment to see someone about the leg issues I've been having.  So maybe we'll solve some problems there.

How did your workouts go this week?  What health successes do you celebrate?

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  1. Great workouts! What's DTT mean? Daily time total? Running is definitely progressive. I make decent progress and then I stop and have to head right back to square 1. It's frustrating but my own fault.


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