Jun 14, 2015

Sunday Sweats - I raced! Slowly.

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After an interesting conversation with Nadine about placebo effect and seeing what we expect to see, I've decided not to track sugar withdrawal symptoms anymore.  It wasn't terribly scientific anyway and whatever was going on last week seems to be over.  I can tell my taste buds have recalibrated a bit already, because a peanut butter smoothie or square of dark chocolate is about as much sweetness as I want, and cravings are decreasing in frequency.  Overall, I'm quite pleased with how smoothly this is going!

As far as exercise, I kicked butt this week!

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Biking, Strength Training, 6 Mile Run | DTT: 133 Min

I was up early enough to bike or do a day of my yoga challenge, and I picked biking.  Lunchtime was a relatively light workout - just bench and ankle rehab.  After work, I realized today was really the best day to run, as far as things to be done and relatives to visit.  So I dragged Ryan and Luke around the neighborhood for 3 miles, and then took myself to my parent's treadmill for the next 3 so I could coast along whilst watching El Dorado.  Doing the miles in sets of 3 is nice.  My brain doesn't even flinch at the idea of 3 miles anymore.  But 4 or 5?  Those numbers are much too high!

Tuesday - Biking, Strength Training | DTT: 75 Min

Got up early and biked again!  (On a roll?  Yes I am.)  Clean and presses for our lunchtime workout, which was way harder than last week.  (Perhaps running 6 miles the night before tires my body out just a wee bit?)  But I pushed through and did my usual number of reps, albeit with extra sweat and wheezing, and I think I even improved my form!  When I finished up everything else hurt, but my back felt pretty good.  We'll see tomorrow.

Wednesday - Strength Training | DTT: 45 Min

Pretty solid lunchtime workout today.  The last couple days, really.  My dad finally beleaguered me into keeping a workout book, which is actually really nice because I can't forget what my normal starting weight is.  Squats today were a mid-range weight, moving up into my max weight in the next week and then trying to move up (fingers crossed for 200lbs!).

After squats I did lunges, calf raises, ankle rehab and the other "usual" stuff, which at this point includes situps and pushups (from my knees).  I feel like my stats are a little misleading, because I lift decent amounts (for average people, not for regular weight lifters), but because I'm quite a bit heavier than average, I'm actually not all that strong proportionate to my body size.  Hoping to rectify that in short order!

Thursday - Biking  | DTT: 30 Min

I had grandiose plans, but my attempted run didn't go so well, and by 10pm I knew yoga wasn't going to happen either.  But I did bike!  So... that's something.

Friday - Nada

Bummed out.  Since regrets are pointless, I'll call it a "rest day" and move on.

Saturday - 3 Mile Run (Wipeout Run), Biking | DTT: 75 Min

This run was amazing!  Lots of inflatable water slides, and obstacles, and a couple of things that you had to run across or get knocked into a pool of water.  The whole race was fun, very low key, and taking it slow was more fun than trying to get a good time because it meant you had more time to play on the bouncy things!  I took zero pictures except this one of my feet dyed pink from my vibrams.

I have my doubts about the full course actually being 3 miles, but regardless I'm quite pleased with how my feet did in the toe shoes the whole way.  Having short spurts of 1 to 3 tenths of a mile at a time and then climbing/splashing/flailing in between seemed to take all the pressure off my calves and I didn't get sore at all.  I've been gradually increasing my mileage in these, and it looks like it's paying off.

Sunday - Yoga | DTT: 45 Min

By today I was just physically and mentally tired.  After a full day of socializing yesterday and Friday evening, the introvert in me is screaming for some alone time, and it knows today is not the day for that.  So yoga was welcome to ease the kinks in my body and relax my brain into accepting that it will in fact survive a few more hours of being nice to people.  I'll be honest, though, I didn't really push myself all that hard.  Planking quickly turned into a face-down version of corpse pose.

Total Weekly Mileage: 9
Weekly Total Time: 6 hr 43 min - so close to 7!!!
Weeks to Next Race: 10 (The Town's Half Marathon - 13.1), 16 (Beat the Blerch - 13.1)

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

Biking before work is awesome!  I'm going to give myself another week or 2, and then try to aim for 4:30am instead of 5, so I can squeeze in some yoga, too.  Also, I can get back to long runs on the weekend again!  Thank goodness, because I've got a new class starting.  As far as half marathon training, this week was a huge relief to me.  The last 2 weeks I'd struggled quite a bit with my 5 mile runs, so handling 6 miles without a ton of walking or feeling like I was going to die afterwards is much more reassuring for my half marathon in 10 weeks.

How did your workouts go this week?  Have you done an obstacle run before?  Do you exercise before or after work?

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  1. You are kicking ass!!! Look at you go! I will be interested to see if you notice some differences with not noting and tracking haha. You will look back and be like....well it has been this long and look at me go :) Hope you have a great week!

  2. That's awesome. I walked 4 miles this week and that was the extent of my exercise.


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