Jun 2, 2015

The Stages of Weight Loss (According to Top Experts)

As the only person I know (you know, in person) who has successfully lost some weight, I consider Sister3 to be the ultimate authority on the subject.

We were discussing it a while back and she told me there are distinct stages in the weight loss process.  It's not at all what I expected, so of course I had to share!

The Stages of Weight Loss: Which Body Parts Lose What

1. Boobs

This right here is the saddest part of the whole weight loss process.  Here we all are, trying to lose weight for whatever reason, health, confidence, convenience, but there's at least a little edge of vanity in there for all of us.  Wouldn't it be nice to lose a few pounds and be more attractive?

Alas, it doesn't work that way.  The first few pounds come straight out of the boobs.  And it's hard to be inspired to continue when weight loss has done the opposite of the glories it's always promised.

2. Hands

What???  How can hands lose weight?  That's the one body part I've never thought of as having any extra weight to lose!

But they can and they do.  The fingers lose the extra padding you didn't know they had, and the flesh between the tendons settles down a little more tightly to the hands.  Bony fingers are sexy, right?

3. Legs

Ok, this is sounding a little bit better.  Rock solid calves, who doesn't want that?  Eventually, after sighing over the ridiculousness of your svelte extremities and untouched torso, the muscularity of the calves will move up to the thighs, but belay your excitement.  It's gonna be awhile.

4. Where it Matters!

Finally, finally, finally, after hitting every other body part, the stomach and torso will start to see the impact.  Celebrate this grand victory!  But not too hard, or you'll get bumped back to the leg stage.

Have you managed to lose weight and how did you do it?  Were there stages?

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  1. I've lost 120 lbs and you definitely lose weight in your hands. Also your feet! I've gone down a size and a half which to me was the craziest. Also I went from a DD to an A in boobs, which makes me a little sad.

    1. Congratulations on losing so much! That's a lot of work. Feet would be interesting! It's not terribly hard to find size 10s (my sisters and mom are all 11s), but 9s would be easier. I'm sorry about your boobs. It is unfortunate how that works (but probably worth it, I'd imagine).

  2. Ha! My sister was just asking me last weekend how I've gained 18 pounds pregnant when the baby is only 2.5 of that. BOOBS. And then when she's out, I'm back down a bra size. At least it's not all going to my hips! ;)

  3. I'm working on losing weight. I really like my boobs, but I will sacrifice them if i have to.

  4. I could loose a little bit in the chest area and be fine...but I don't want to lose a lot of it hahah just like everyone else! I noticed since really tightening up my eating that my wedding rings are spinning on my finger. Usually it is only like that in the winter! I really hope to see some more inches around the legs and belly. You know??? And also my face.

  5. hahaha if i lost any of my boobs, i'd look like a 10 year old boy! i just want to lose it in my butt and boobs lol

  6. i mean butt and legs hahaha. guess i had boobs on the brain.


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