Jul 27, 2015

Beaches, Bars, and Blating

I went on my first blate!  I also learned what a "blate" is.

Last Saturday was the Beach Blogger Meetup, and I met Alyssa, Michael, and Dani in person (hence, "blogger date").  They are all as fantastic in person as they seem online!  I learned many things, including the following:
  • It costs $10 to get onto the NJ beaches (not cool)
  • But the bar has their own private beach and you can get alcohol ON THE BEACH (very cool)
  • When other bloggers mention you in conversation, they have to refer to your blog name (I probably should have picked something easier to say)
  • Going to the beach in another state instead of your own means a longer drive, but no traffic (totally worth the trade-off)
The only picture I took - documenting the important things, obviously
I could gush on and on about how much fun I had and how awesome it is to talk to people who understand why blogging matters, but instead I'll just give some quick highlights.

I think this was taken on Alyssa's phone by Captain Douchebag's sidekick, before they decided they had a problem with us.

1. We got kicked out of a bar

Michael's recap is hilarious so I'll just quote her, "...we're a bunch of rowdy bitches who laugh in the face of authority and get kicked off beaches for following orders."  You read that right.  We complied (after our initial rebellion) and still got kicked off.  Still trying to figure that one out.

2. I am now the proud owner of a floppy beach hat

Pictured above.

3. Serial

I've been told again and again that I need to listen, and I resisted.  Mostly out of stubbornness.  But when I said, "I'm not really into crime stuff" Alyssa called me out on having a murder mystery elopement planned but refusing to listen to Serial.  So I started this morning and it is the perfect thing to engage my brain during some of my more mindless work tasks!  (I'm pretty sure Adnan didn't do it!  Also I totally thought everyone was saying "anon" this whole time.  Face palm.)

4. Blog talk and social introverts

This may be the first time I've talked to someone in person about blogging who understood my enthusiasm for it.  My family is awesome about humoring me, but it's not the same as someone else who does it.  It's also hard to find people who understand that I like being social but then need days to recover from being around people.  These ladies totally got that.

To sum up: Met some bloggers, got kicked out of a bar, managed not to lose anyone, and wasn't even that badly sunburned.  Successful "blate."

Have you met anyone in person that you know from blogging?  Or just online?  Have you ever been kicked out of a bar?

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  1. Ahhhh how awesome that you got to meet those fabulous ladies!!!!! And on the beach none the less. I didn't realize how bad ass you guys are though, getting kicked out and stuff. Tisk tisk!!! Also, I totally don't think Adnan did it. Listen to Undisclosed when you finish Serial. It will solidify that even more!!!

  2. i would like to come next time please!! haha. i totally agree about talking about blogging with bloggers. i don't talk about it to anyone besides bloggers because they just don't understand!

  3. Haha, great post! I'm still jealous of your J Lo hat- so cute! It was great meeting you! Definitely need to plan another one!

  4. I love the floppy beach hat, a true beach must have.

    I have listened to every episode of Serial except the last one. I should get on that, seriously.

    I've never met an online friend but Jana is supposed to be in Charlotte in September and I'm planning on trying to get there.

  5. Yay for blate and for meeting some of my absolute favourite peeps! Love your hat!

  6. I really wish I could of come! Was still recooping from BlogHer! Next time for sure though! Looks like a lot of fun!

  7. I've never been on a blate. I'm so sad and jealous. Serial is awesome! I listened to it while I painted my kitchen. I totally don't think Adnan did it. I am thinking it was the douchey friend that borrowed his car.

  8. I don't think you can truly understand blogging unless you do it. It's nice to meet other bloggers and get to talk blogging! I have met a few bloggers in real life, and it's always been really fun. Also, I love your floppy beach hat!

  9. So fun that you ladies were able to get together! Hilarious that you got kicked out the bar! Glad you had fun and are finally listening to Serial! It is addicting!

  10. Had sooooo much fun and it was awesome to meet you. It must become a more regular occurrance!! :) (Also, just so you don't think all of NJ is a bunch of crooks, it's not $10 to get on every beach all the time. Just the busy, boardwalked beach during the busy time of year. Next time maybe we'll pick a different one ;))

  11. This is the best!!! I'm so glad you guys got to do this (and um, I'm jealous and definitely driving up from VA next time haha). I've only met up with a few other bloggers (Alyssa being one of them) but blogger time is seriously the best. No one else quite gets it!

  12. It was SUCH a great day!!! So glad to have finally met you.


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