Jul 19, 2015

Sunday Sweats - Back on (a Different) Track

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I'm back on the health train and feeling much better about myself and life in general!  My workouts weren't anything spectacular, but at least I did something and bothered to track it.  :)  Small steps.

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Strength Training | DTT: 30 Min

After a couple weeks off, I was really starting to miss weight lifting.  The physical therapist had said not to do squats, but... since I've given up on trying to run the half and I have a better understanding of what was wrong with my form in the first place, I'm going to ignore that.  Today was bench and, as I mentioned on Tuesday, that adrenaline boost from working your muscles is better than a cup of coffee.

Tuesday - Strength Training | DTT: 30 Min

We swapped out clean and press for "curl and press," which is a little easier on certain body parts.  I'm glad, because I'm fairly certain my back isn't supposed to hurt after clean and press, so I should probably just not do it unless I can figure out how to do it properly.  And, honestly, I don't care nearly as much as my father about lifting heavy weights or using the big bar.  I'd be just as happy to do body weight exercises and dumbbells, but I try to keep my workout partner happy.  After work I bummed out and went to bed early instead of biking.  My brain wanted to feel guilty and then I decided that was pointless and I would just enjoy it.

Wednesday - Strength Training, Pilates | DTT: 73 Min

Squats!  It's a little sad to see the progress I've lost, but it'll come back.  After work I did a pilates video with my mom.  We tried a new one, and I found even more new muscles that I'm not sure have ever been worked before.  Always fun!

Thursday - Nada (Donated Blood)

Donating blood is a pretty good excuse to not work out.  Of course... I could have fit something into the morning or lunchtime, but let's pretend that wasn't an option.

Friday - Nada

No real reason.  Just a bum.

Saturday - 1 Mile Run, Biking  | DTT: 40 Min

Tried a very light run to see if my legs would hold up.  They actually did alright, but I felt weirdly weak.  Maybe the aftereffects of the double red blood cell donation.  I biked afterwards to make myself feel better about the wimpy run.

Sunday - Yoga, Pilates | DTT: 40 Min

We did Erin Motz's hip and lower back video from the 30 Day Challenge, and then followed up with a 25 minutes video from Sean Vigue that made me sweat more than any other pilates video so far!  My body is tired, but in the best possible way.

Weekly Total Time: 3 hr 33 min

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

The usual - work out, try to stay motivated.  Try not to break myself before the races.  I think I'm going to stop counting mileage and counting down to races, because it's just not happening.  After trying to run Saturday, things were hurting again, so I'm just not worrying about running at all (for now).  There are plenty of other options, after all.

How did your workouts go this week?

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  1. sorry to hear things hurting after running on saturday.
    i'm with you on lifting though - KC wants me to come to the gym with me, he wants me to lift really heavy, and of course i want to get better but i'm happy lifting moderately you know? anything is better than nothing lol and i still feel strong doing it my way (when i do it, that is).
    hope this week goes well!


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