Aug 25, 2015

My 10 Most-Read Authors

I'm stealing this idea from Megan because it's fun and Goodreads very obligingly shows you your list of most read authors and some of the contenders surprised me.  As in, "Holy crap, why did I read 35 books by that guy?!"

Because I'm dramatic (and embarrassed of my most-read book genre), I'm going to go in reverse order.

10) Brandon Sanderson - 6 Books

This number will be going up as the Stormlight Archive continues to come out and also because once I was finally convinced to try his other series, I realized Sanderson is all-around awesome and all his books are good.  (If not quite as good.  I mean, The Way of Kings!!!)

9) Kurt Vonnegut - 7 Books

I went through a Vonnegut phase after my mom told me he was one of her favorite authors in high school.  I've lost some of my love for Vonnegut with recent reads, but Slaughterhouse Five will always be one of my favorites and Harrison Bergeron is in my list of books that have impacted me the most.

7 & 8) A Tie Between Eoin Colfer and C.S. Lewis - 8 Books

This is somewhat fitting, as they're both authors of the young adult genre.  Eoin Colfer wrote the Artemis Fowl Series, which is a super fun read even as an adult, and C.S. Lewis is, of course, the talent behind The Chronicles of Narnia.  (Whose religious themes I didn't even notice as a teenager - have I mentioned I'm not good at literary analysis?)

6) J. K. Rowling - 10 Books

I've really only read the Harry Potter books, but thanks to a couple little bonus books (The Tales of Beedle the Bard, etc), my count is technically 10.

4 & 5) Another Tie!  Ilona Andrews and K. M. Shea - 11 Books

Both recent discoveries, Ilona Andrews is a fantastic urban fantasy novelist and I'm devouring every new Kate Daniels book she comes out with.  K. M. Shea I found through Kindle Unlimited and her books tender to be shorter, almost to the point of frustration with the King Arthur and Her Knights series.  But her Timeless Fairy Tales introduced me to the genre of fantasy romances and keep me highly entertained and happy.

3) David Eddings - 12 Books

Just one set of characters, but technically it's 2 series, along with a couple of spinoff books.  The first book I read was Polgara the Sorceress, which turned out to be kind of a feminist eye-opener, not because of the storyline, but because of how strong the main character is.  From there I found the actual series's's's's (some kind of plural there) she's from and consumed them all.  Want a starting point without buying 12 books?  Read The Belgariad.  Fun reads, entertaining characters, and tons of snarky or wise one-liners.  My personal favorite, "No day in which you learn something is a complete loss."

2) Brian Jacques - 19 Books

The Redwall Series, of course!  Totally children's stories, totally no shame.  Jacques was extremely prolific and continued writing this series up until his death a couple years ago.  I love them all but Taggerung and The Long Patrol are my absolute favorites.

1) Piers Anthony - 35 Books

The Xanth series is a long and sprawling adventure that you really don't have to read in any particular order.  A huge chunk of the series was actually purchased for me shortly before a nasty breakup, and the books were a huge help in getting my mind off things.  They're full of puns, goofball humor, and lots of ridiculousness and I wouldn't recommend them to most people, but they're always there for me when I need an emotional escape.  Unfortunately the last few have kind of lost their luster, so I won't be buying any more of them, but with 35 under my belt (and most on my bookshelf) I don't think I really need to.

Xanth has a shelf to itself.

Who are your most-read authors?  Are they your actual favorites or something random?

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