Aug 4, 2015

Pottermore is Giving Me an Identity Crisis

I discovered Pottermore last week.  For those not in-the-know, Pottermore is basically a fan site for the Harry Potter series, but it's the ultimate fan site.  You get sorted into the houses, learn spells, make potions, and play games that J.K. Rowling has signed off on as being a legitimate part of the HP world.

Here's the problem.  I've always strongly identified with Gryffindor.  But after going through all the questions and trying my best not to think too hard about which choice would equal which house, I was sorted into Hufflepuff.  Whaaat?

Of all the houses, Hufflepuff is the one I least empathize with!  Loyal, trustworthy, humble?  I'm not any of those things!  So I did what any non-loyal, non-trustworthy, and non-humble person would do.  I cheated.

I deleted my account, made a new one and started the process again.  My rationale was that the first time I'd had trouble clearing my head of what the answers "should" be for Gryffindor and maybe that had influenced me.  So I tried to be honest this time and pick the most appealing option to me, personally, not to who I "should" be.

And when I got my results this time, I realized there was indeed one house that I wanted to be in even less than Hufflepuff.


Oh shit!  What if they kept track of the emails who had deleted their accounts and started over and put them all in Slytherin because they were cheaters?!?!?

I resolved to make the best of it until about halfway through the welcome message.  It was "clearing up" misconceptions about house Slytherin (Hufflepuff does the same thing - they explain that they're not dumb, they just don't brag about their accomplishments) BUT even as it stated that the house wasn't really racist and classist, the tone was just too snarky for me.  I didn't want to be in the "mean" house.

And then it hit me.  Maybe I'm more Hufflepuff than I thought.  I don't feel humble because I'm very comfortable with myself and, frankly, sometimes I think I'm the shit.  I check myself out in the mirror.  I indulge in all sorts of private arrogance.

But here's the thing.  It's all private.

I'm not loudly proclaiming to the rooftops how awesome I am (or how awesome I think I am).  And I'm a big fan of self deprecatory humor.  AND I tend to deflect attention away from myself.  When do you ever see a Gryffindor stepping out of the spotlight?

I don't feel loyal because I'm so quick to step away from negative relationships and friendships.  But that's a reflex from staying in some truly terrible ones years back, and also just common sense.  You can't give your all to people who don't do the same for you.

The people who are in my life are incredibly important to me and I do go out of my way for them whenever possible.  I just have the common sense to realize that not everything lasts forever.  That doesn't diminish what it is - something can be temporary and still be very important.  And sometimes it's just time to move on.

I don't feel trustworthy because I used to have such a hard time keeping secrets.  But I knew that was a problem and I worked on it.  I even killed my natural (and overpowering) curiosity so that I can respect when people don't want to talk about something.  I'd certainly hope someone could trust me now, whether with a secret or to act with integrity.

The reason I got sorted into Hufflepuff was because most of my answers put other people first.  I wanted to be liked instead of famous.  I chose other people's welfare instead of my ambitions.  And I really liked all the choices that had to do with water.  Not sure how that's related, but I did.  (I mean, merpeople are way more interesting than trolls!)  I got sorted into Slytherin because... I don't know.  Maybe because I was a cheater.

I decided to cheat one more time.  Both out of curiosity to see if the test was totally random and desire to get out of Slytherin.

I answered all the questions the same way as the last 2 times, even when one of the questions came up that had put me into Slytherin (they were totally different questions the first 2 times, but the 3rd recycled a few).  I decided 3rd time's the charm and this one would stick.


Sigh of relief.  It's not what I thought I wanted, but maybe it's a better reflection of who I really am.  Or, you know, maybe I need to stop spending so much time on Internet personality quizzes.

Are you signed up for Pottermore?  What house are you in?  Is it the house you (initially) wanted to be in?

P.S. I forgot all about "hard-working."  I really am a crummy Hufflepuff.  I mean, I'm over here looking up the welcome messages for all the houses on the Pottermore Wiki instead of working so... that's really all you need to know about whether or not that descriptor is an accurate one.

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  1. LOL I love this house. I signed up for Pottermore awhile ago, but I didn't make it as far as the sorting yet. Now I want to try it and see where I end up!! I think almost everyone would want to be Gryffindor ;)

  2. I signed up for Pottermore years ago but never did anything with it, so I just signed in and got myself sorted into Ravenclaw which fits me perfectly per the welcome letter.

    Cleveritst Witches, love learning, most individual and unique. Yayyyy I'll take it!

  3. PS - Now I'm going to be wasting time on Pottermore.

  4. On Pottermore and every other test, I always get Hufflepuff. I think also Hufflepuff has something to do with being animal lovers, that's what gets me. I want to take classes about magical creatures and open the box that sounds like some little furry thing wants to get out. Personality wise I think I do lean Slytherin, but I could see why I'm a hufflepuff for sure. Plus Hufflepuff is Iowa colors, so I like it :)

  5. ".... and, frankly, sometimes I think I'm the shit." LOL! That's what I call a positive self image/ self confidence, and that's definitely a good thing! I'm not a huge HP fan (I know, I'm sorry!), but I joined just to see what house I would get sorted into and got Gryffindor! (And also because I kind of love all Internet personality quizzes.) It didn't say much about what that meant in the welcome letter though! Hmph!

  6. So we already tweeted about this, but I too am Hufflepuff!!! At first I was like..but but but I wanted Gryffindor. Then I read the whole loyal, trustworthy, and humble thing and I was like yup....they got me!!! That is seriously me to a T. And any house is better than Slytherin! :D Just embrace your Hufflepuffness and realize that you are in great company! Because that is totally humble and all.

  7. this is hilarious! hold on, let me sign up.
    OMG that was so much fun. I got hufflepuff as well, lol.

  8. I tried but I accidentally said my birth year was 2015 and now I get errors when I try to click the link to log in. I really want to know what house I'd be in.

  9. I honestly have no clue about anything HP bit I love to see HP fans get excited about HP stuff :D

  10. I got sorted into Gryffindor on Pottermore which is exactly where I expected to be. I always had ambitions of being a Ravenclaw, but I am WAY to much a procrastinator for that, and also struggle with motivation. Gryffindor definitely suits me! I haven't been on there in ages though...I should do that sometime! I wonder if Pottermore has an app....I'd use that way more haha!

    1. I keep saying I'm going to spend an evening or afternoon on the site playing the games (which I really can't do at work :P), but I haven't done it yet. It looks so cool, though! And I need to earn my house some points.

  11. I'm obviously stalking your blog, commenting on random posts . Eeep! :)

    I had such a similar experience with Pottermore. I was convinced I'd get Slytherin. I didn't want it - like you said, who wants Slytherin? - but I was trying to be honest about my every present ambition and tendency to bit of far more than I can chew. When I took the test, I got Gryffindor. I was shocked. Happy, sure but shocked. So I signed up again and got Ravenclaw. So of course I had to take it again and got Gryffindor again, but you know, I didn't believe it so a fourth time - Gryffindor again. Looks like Pottermore has spoken :)


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