Aug 18, 2015

Sunday Sweats (and a Sneaky Weekend Recap)

I wasn't planning on doing Sunday Sweats at all for last week because I did almost nothing.  But then I went to my half marathon and actually ran (and walked) it and I had to report that!!!

Here's to my first 13.1 mile race (finished just 7 minutes under the time limit) and 2 PRs in 2 weeks! (anything's a PR the first time you do it!)

Now for the weekend stuff.  I'm going to gush because I've been feeling a bit down at the lack of wedding excitement in my life (Remember how I talked about the pros of eloping?  Yeah, there are cons, too.  A full report on that once we've gotten all the way through it), and my sisters took that feeling and smashed it into the dust.

I got to San Francisco not expecting much of anything, other than some sister time and a race (although the flight was pretty fantastic in and of itself).  But they pulled up to the curb at the airport with a car full of gear, we posed for the requisite photos and then sped off for a night of sushi, fancy desserts, and sisterly fun.

The next morning was the race, which went unexpectedly well.  Sister3 is an awesome pacer and having someone to chat with made the miles slip by less painfully.  When we got to the marker for mile 3, where the 5K split off from the half, there was no question.  I was continuing!

Things didn't get difficult until mile number 7, and then by 10 I was pretty much wiped and had to walk my way in.  But we made decent enough time in the first 8 miles that even walking I had a few minutes to spare before the 3 hour time limit was up.

And then I died in the grass
After recovering, we limped our way back to the car, and back home, where we compared chafing injuries, showered and napped (I'm pretty sure napping is a requirement after a race).  Then we got into the real festivities - mudslides with penis straws and Magic Mike.  (Which was actually pretty enjoyable and way more fun/less invasive than real male strippers, which I would be happy to never personally experience again.)

The cutest little S'mores cupcakes!

Multitude of penis straws
So now I'm floating in the glow of that wonderful and unexpected weekend, along with the lack of pre-race stress, and knowing that we've only got 2 weeks to go!  (It's the final countdown...)

What's the best surprise you've gotten recently?  Have you had a bachelorette party?  Have you ever seen male strippers?

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  1. You are awesome with your half marathon! Great pics. And those cupcakes!! YUM.

    1. Thank you! Those were actually a trial run for what I want to make at our elopement. They've got marshmallow fluff on the inside!

  2. Congrats on a half marathon, that's amazing!! That number is still so intimidating to me...I won't even try a 10K yet. Way to go! And I have to agree - I was pleasantly surprised by how fun Magic Mike was too haha! My friends and I rented it for bad movie night, and it turned out to be not so awful as we expected!

    1. Thanks! I was super nervous for the first couple of races I tried that were longer than a 5K. But what surprised me was that the atmosphere really doesn't change. Everyone's still excited and friendly, and the back of the pack isn't taking it too seriously. It's like a "we're all in this together" vibe rather than a competitive or judgy atmosphere. I love races. At this point I don't feel any pressure to hold myself to any standards, either. If I walk, I walk.

  3. Go you!!! Congrats on your half and 2 PR's! that is awesome!!! Sounds like you had a great time with your sisters too. I love Magic Mike. Mmmm Channing Tatum can dance for me anytime. But I will skip the real male strippers, just no. Also, I would like to note that Channing is from right here in Alabama. So don't say we didn't give anything great to society!

  4. OMG congrats thats amazing!!! And can I just say how much I truly love your sneaks??

  5. I would probably die in the grass after a 5K....also penis straws are hilarious.

  6. girl congrats!! that is seriously so awesome and you should be so pumped.
    ew to male strippers. just, nope. magic mike? yes okay.

  7. What a great surprise! And congrats on finishing your half marathon!! Walking, running, a combination...whatever. You crossed the finish line and that's huge! Good for you :) Oh and I've never NOT napped after a half marathon so you're golden ;)

  8. Um, I need those cupcakes in my life. Do you have the recipe? Also, that sounds like the perfect bachelorette party. I went to a friend's birthday party at a strip club and was permanently scarred and never, ever, ever want to see them again. Also, super congrats on finishing the race (even though I'm hella late-sorry!)!


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