Aug 10, 2015

Sunday Sweats - PRs and Awesome Shirts

Sunday Sweats Theme Inspired by Holly

I'm doing a selfie-a-day project inspired by the book I'm reading, Radical Self Love, and this was Thursday's picture.  Howe awesome is it that my "Lift Like a Girl" t-shirt arrived the day after I hit my longtime goal of squatting my bodyweight?!

Anyway, here's the workouts...

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Strength Training | DTT: 30 Min

Bench.  I attempted 95 pounds (a PR), but I only got 2 unassisted and 3 more with my dad helping, so I'm not sure I can count this.  Next time!

Tuesday - Strength Training | DTT: 30 Min

Tired today and not sure why.  I went ahead and did a lighter arm workout with dumbbell curls and tris.  Stomach started hurting in the afternoon and by the time I got home I was ready to sleep.  On the plus side, 10.5 hours of sleep never hurt anyone!

Wednesday - Strength Training, Biking | DTT: 90 Min

SQUATTED MY BODYWEIGHT!!!  This has been my goal since about the beginning of this year, so this is pretty damn exciting.  And actually, full disclosure here, I squatted a bit more since I did my heaviest weight ever - 205 lbs - and my current weight is 187.  Now if I could just get my bench up to even half my bodyweight... :P

I had trouble getting started after work, but finally hopped on the stationary bike for a solid hour of biking.  And then was so inspired that I had to clean and rearrange things instead of go to bed a reasonable hour, but hey.  You can't win 'em all.

Thursday - Pilates Inspired HIIT| DTT: 30 Min

I swapped my workouts with my mom to Thursday to give me accountability for at least one workout for a full 4 days of the week.  We tried something new and sweated up a storm with jump squats, push ups, jumping jacks, and something that reminded me of DDR.

Friday - Nada

Rest day.

Saturday - Biking | DTT: 30 Min

Grand intentions turned into DGAF and an easy 30 minute bike ride.  No guilt.

Sunday - Yoga| DTT: 45 Min

One of our regular pilates videos.

Weekly Total Time: 4 hr 15 min

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

I'm cutting myself some slack.  After weeks of being unhappy and upset about my leg issues I've arrived at a weird place where I simply could not care less.  Half marathon next weekend?  Eh, whatevs.  I'll probably just do the 5K.

How did your workouts go this week?  What were your "DGAF" moments?

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  1. Congrats on the lifting goal, that is awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. You squatted your body weight! Thats pretty good! You did really good this week. Also - love today's pic :)

  3. Yay! You are doing so great girl! Love that selfie! I FINALLY got back on my mat today. It felt SO good!

  4. So proud of you for hitting that weight! You rock, girl. And again, i LOVE THAT SHIRT! :) Good for you for knowing where your body's at and not pushing it. Don't put yourself through the rigamarole that is a half marathon if you're not in a good position for it. Enjoy the 5k though :)

  5. love the selfie a day project ;) and that shirt is fabulous! damn girl, squatting your body weight is flipping awesome! congrats!
    my DGAF moments.. well, the whole of last week was a DGAF moment haha.


    I'm so proud of you for your squat PR. Girl, no words. That is sooooooo amazing. And it makes me sad for myself. I fell off the wagon a month ago but I'm going back this Monday.


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