Aug 2, 2015

Sunday Sweats

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I attempted the routine...

Weekly Workouts

Monday - Strength Training, 3 Mile Run | DTT: 70 Min

Bench press today, along with pulldowns and the ankle/shin rehab stuff.  My workout partner took his sweet time getting over to the "gym" so I had plenty of time to warm up and I just felt strong.  A good press today, and shooting for a PR for next week.

And, just because I felt like pushing things, I decided to attempt a run after work.  I've lost some stamina, which sucks, but for not running for weeks, it wasn't too bad.  I walked a tiny bit, and I completely ignored any pain in my legs.  Afterwards I iced, elevated, and did a good calf massage and you know what?  They actually didn't hurt the next day.  Ignore me while I attempt to contain my excitement.  *Happy dance*

Tuesday - Strength Training, Biking | DTT: 60 Min

We did arms today - curls and tris.  A nice change of pace from all the shoulder exercises.  After work I biked, but honestly, I'm not even sure if I should count it.  My legs were so tired - I was basically just pedaling without any real resistance.

Wednesday - Strength Training, Pilates | DTT: 70 Min

Squats, lunges, and calf raises.  It's the middle of the lifting cycle so the weight's going up but isn't to the top yet, and I'm glad because my legs were still tired from our crazy pilates workout last Sunday and running on Monday.  Speaking of which, pilates again with my mom after work.  I completely wimped out on the planking, but otherwise did alright.

Thursday - Nada

Aaaand I crashed and burned, like I usually do.

Friday - Nope

No recovery of motivation yet.

Saturday - Biking | DTT: 90 Min

Saturday wasn't too bad.  I tried to bike for a little bit longer than usual.  It's not enough to be prepared for the half coming up, but it's better than nothing.  It was also good because I noticed an important heart rate trend.  Typically a 30 minute ride won't raise it very much, which has always been disheartening, as that's the whole point of "cardio."  BUT it does go up.  It just takes longer than running.  So my rides need to be longer (at least an hour) in order to make up for not running.

Sunday - Yoga| DTT: 45 Min

We tried a new video.  A few of the moves were beyond us but, as usual, there were some new poses and ideas and it was overall enjoyable.

Weekly Total Time: 5 hr 35 min

Thoughts Going Into Next Week

I think maybe I need to schedule myself a productivity-free day in the middle of the week so I don't crash and burn entirely.  It's not just exercise that doesn't happen those days, it's projects and schoolwork and pretty much everything.  It usually only takes 2 days off to recover, but maybe if I don't drive myself so hard, I can narrow the "recovery" day down to 1 instead of 2.  Obviously fighting against my nature isn't working, so I'm going to try working with it instead.

How did your workouts go this week?

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  1. when i take a rest day, it has to be a rest from everything. if i took a rest from exercise but then tried to be productive in other ways, nope. i need a full on rest.
    yay for legs not hurting!

  2. Nice week! I'm a big fan of active rest days, so I'll do a really short or easy/restorative yoga flow on one day if I can manage it. Great job trying out your legs, sounds like it was a successful run for the first outing in weeks!

  3. I am trying to get back into a routine. Hopefully everyday isn't a rest day in the near future ;)

  4. I need to rearrange my schedule too. I used to take Fridays as rest days but my current plan has them on's nice having that day after a big weekend, but I'm having the same crash and burn problem as you. Going forward I think maybe I need to take it easy on Mondays rather than resting altogether, and then have a true rest day later in the week?

  5. I agree with you about scheduling a free day. Sometimes you burn out and don't want to start again but if you schedule a break from up front, its easier.


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