Aug 31, 2015

We're Hitched!

Like most of my posts, I'm scheduling this ahead of time, so there's an element of guesswork here, but I'm probably married now.  Unless Ryan or I randomly decided to get cold feet.  Although, that would be pretty problematic since we already handled the legal stuff.

In any case, I won't be around much this week (elopement details when I get back), but I thought I'd share my vows since I've already said them and don't have to keep them secret anymore.  You know, just in case you didn't have enough with my last sappy post about Ryan.

Brace yourselves!  As in everything I do, brevity is entirely lacking.

The Vows

"I like us. I mean, I like you and I love you, and that’s very important. But I think it’s even more important that I like us together, as a whole. You’ve said a few times that I help you to be a better person and I almost find it hard to believe. How could I be helping you, when you’re helping me so much?

You can always tell when I’m upset, and if there’s a way to fix it, you’ll find it. But when I don’t want things fixed, you’re willing to just listen (and that usually fixes things anyway). You’ve helped me immensely with learning to handle my emotions in a more gracious way and to get better about communicating my feelings to you.

You don’t like apologies. This used to bother me. But now I understand that if you don’t apologize, it’s because you’re already planning in your head what you’re going to change to prevent whatever it was from happening again.

I make jokes sometimes, about how our arguments these days are practically like something out of the Brady Bunch. But I’m actually incredibly proud of us. Because we are two very intelligent, stubborn people with strong opinions, and we’ve managed to get to a place where we can stop, think about what the other person said, and actually meet somewhere in the middle.

You help me by supporting me. When I tell you what I’ve learned online or reading some self help book, you’re always interested and willing to learn, or make changes in our own lives.

There’s not much I can teach you. My friends used to say, “Ryan knows everything” and not as a joke. I know better now, but I’ve always been amazed at the breadth of things you know and have an interest in. You’ve taught me about space, the human body, and everything nerdy that I wasn’t already interested in. You took me to my first convention, introduced me to tabletop gaming and Game of Thrones, helped me defeat Ganondorf, and, despite my active disinterest, got me watching anime.

You’ve been a lot of things to me in the past 4 years. My fellow gamer, dog co-parent, psychiatrist and design consultant. But most importantly, you’ve been a supporter, even in the things you don’t understand (blogging). You encourage me to chase my dreams even when it’s inconvenient for you, you support my self-improvement projects, and you chase your own goals alongside me.

You make me better and I hope I provide even a fraction of that for you. I love that we can be our own, individual people, and that we’re not dependent on each other but I think together we’re even better. Let’s level up and conquer the world together."

To conclude this post, here is an unconventional family photo.

Makes me laugh every time.  Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. AWW! Congrats and enjoy your time together! Can't wait to hear all about it when you're back! Love the photo :)

  2. Well those are the cutest vows ever, level up. PERFECT!! Congrats to you two!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yayyyyy congrats, also that family photo is the best!

  4. lol that photo. and the vows! level up. hilarious. congrats girl!

  5. Awww I love the family photo. I'm so happy for you congratulations

  6. Congratulations and all the best wishes to you guys!! How beautiful and wonderful and amazing. Can't wait to hear more about your lovely day. Love, love, love that photo <3

  7. Congratulations!!!!! What great vows. And yes, that picture is funny! Can't wait to hear the details when you're back!

  8. Awwwwwww! Love how personal your vows are! And that picture is awesome haha. Congratulations!


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