Oct 5, 2015

How Many Faces Do You Have?

via Imgur (and Higher Perspective, but I couldn't find the actual page)

Were you looking for a reason to get introspective today?  If not, I apologize, because I found this metaphor very interesting.

On the one hand, I don't feel like I hold anything back from my family or Ryan.  I frequently babble to the point that there's not much filter between what's in the brain and what's coming out my mouth.

On the other, I guess it makes sense that there will be certain things we don't or can't express, even to those closest to us.  For example, how would you explain how you feel about yourself?  It's kind of like the way you can't actually see yourself with external eyes.  So you'd actually be worse at identifying yourself than other people would, because your primary source is posed pictures and quick glances in the mirror, whereas everyone else sees you behaving and acting naturally.

And, moving further in that direction, I might be said to have even more than 3 faces, because I don't know that I can say I act quite the same way with any 2 individuals.  There's too many nuances built off the shared experiences of that particular relationship.  But is that really a separate "mask"?

Anyway, food for thought!

What do you guys think?  Do you think of yourself as having 1 face, 3, or even more than that?

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  1. I know I have several faces. There's a work one, a family one, a friend one, a self one.... how can you not, you know? We wear so many different hats in life that it makes sense that we'd have different faces too.


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