Oct 26, 2015

Mind-bending Monday

Wanna see something fun?  Yeah, you do.  It's Monday.  Thus, to lessen your weekend hangover, I present my favorite mind-blowing riddles, images, and puzzles

1. Who Has the Fish?

A fun logic puzzle that took me over 2 hours to solve (and heck yeah was I proud of myself when I did!).  Basically it's one of those, "If this person is ___ and this person is ___, then what you can determine about ___?"  See if you can beat me!

2. Optical Illusions Paintings by Rob Gonsalves

These paintings are amazing!  Each one is like its own optical illusion, but they're also beautiful.  The link is for a Lifehack article that collected a bunch of his images side by side, but you can also see his stuff on Facebook (no website as far as I can tell).

3. Autostereogram

You know those pictures that look like nothing, but then if you cross your eyes and/or focus differently, suddenly there's depth to it?  I'm terrible at these, but Ryan showed me the trick just a couple years ago. I still need to print them out, though, but the link has examples to play with and instructions if you have no clue what I'm talking about!

4.Satirical Art by Paul Kuczynski

These are a little dark, but beautifully painted!  And definitely thought-provoking.  (Artist site here)

5. What Animal's Eyesight Do You Have?

This is a (free!) color vision test.  There's panels of colors and you have to click the one that's different.  Eventually you won't able to tell and you'll get it wrong and then they tell you how you scored and what animal has a similar level to what you scored!

6. Rock Balancing by Michael Grab

If your brain is all tired out, you'll enjoy this.  Somehow, this man balances rocks in these insane configurations and then takes the most gorgeous photos.  (Artist site here)

7. Akinator (suggested by Kristen)

I forgot all about this guy until Kristen commented, but this is seriously amazing!  You think of a character (real or fictional), this "genie" guy asks you a bunch of yes or no questions and then he tells you what character you were thinking of.  The website has not been wrong for me yet!

And if somehow, amazingly, that wasn't enough for you, or you intend not to do any work today, I've got a whole Pinterest board for stuff like this.

What are your favorite puzzles, riddles, and general mind-benders?

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  1. I love these! I needed this today! Happy Monday!

  2. So I apparently have the eyes of a cat, interesting.

  3. The first one didn't take me long, that's literally what one entire section of the LSAT is. Logic games. I taught a class on it for Kaplan. And apparently I have the eyes of a hawk, I only got the very last one wrong. thanks contacts I guess, since I'm actually a -7.5 in each eye.

  4. I have the sight of a dog. Haha I will take it! I love doing things like this, thanks for passing a little of my time on Monday :)

  5. love this! just what i needed on a monday.
    have you heard of this? http://en.akinator.com/ :) you probably have, but still.

  6. I never knew those pictures were called Autostereograms. I'm excellent at those.

  7. Aaaaaaand goodbye productivity. I may never forgive you for this.

  8. These sound amazing. I'm trying that "Who Has The Fish?" thing right now!

  9. This is awesome! Going to check some of these out ASAP!!!


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