Oct 27, 2015

Monthly Sweats - November Health and Fitness Goals

I'm doing away with my Sunday Sweats posts.  Every Sunday was too much.  But I do still want to track it (albeit in a more simplified format) and I want to make better use of Training for Tuesday/general health goals!

I've got progress on last month's goals, goals for next month, and then the boring workout stuff at the bottom.  Feel free to skip it if it's not your jam!  That's mostly for myself and accountability anyway.

How I Did for October

1. Meal Planning

PLANNING went great!  Cooking?  Not so much.  The first couple weeks I made maybe half the meals I planned.  Week 3 was better!  My crockpot meal (chicken with honey curry sauce and chickpeas) was freaking amazing!  And then on Thursday night, right before the vegetables went bad, I pulled it together and made the rest of my planned food items.  A bit late in the week, but nothing went to waste and there was plenty of food for the weekend.  Week 4 was the best.  I felt like I hit my stride (documenting here helped me to keep it a focal point) and all meals were made in a timely manner.

2. Knee Challenge

It started to feel like this was making my knees hurt.  After a couple half-hearted weeks, I gave it up and decided to focus on physical therapy.  Physical therapy was interesting!  We talked a bit about leg muscles and gait, and then I got stimmed for the first time ever.  End result: they can't do a whole lot since I'm not currently injured (took 3 months to find myself a PCP), BUT my referral remains active so when I get up to ~6 miles again if I start having the same problems, I can go back in right away.

November Goals

  1. 3 Routine Days a Week - That morning/nighttime routine I made?  Yeah, actually follow that.  Starting with 3 days to give myself a couple freebies for social outings or laziness.
  2. Miss < 3 Workouts a Week - I have 4 workout buddies and 10 workouts planned each week, so it's inevitable that I'll miss some.  But I'd like to keep that to a reasonable level and only miss them if I have something planned (like doctor's appointments or social outings).
  3. Prepack Lunches - Continue meal planning, and, instead of shoving the crockpot in the fridge, pack it all away into meal-sized containers to make it easy to grab for lunches.

The Workouts

Currently shooting for 3.5 hours (half an hour per day) and 5 miles per week.

Week 1

  • Monday - Strength Training | 45min
  • Tuesday - Stationary Bike | 30min
  • Wednesday - Strength Training, 1 Mile Run | 45min
  • Thursday - Rest
  • Friday - Slackin'
  • Saturday - Run 3 Miles | 40min
  • Sunday - Yoga | 30min
Weekly Total Time: 2 hours 40 minutes
Weekly Mileage: 4 miles

Week 2

  • Monday - Strength Training, 2 Mile Run | 60min
  • Tuesday - Strength Training, Biking | 60min
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - Pilates | 45min
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - Not Sure
  • Sunday - Uhhhh...
Weekly Total Time: 2 hours 45 minutes
Weekly Mileage: 2 miles

Week 3

  • Monday - Nada
  • Tuesday - Strength Training | 30min
  • Wednesday - Newp
  • Thursday - 1st Physical Therapy Session!
  • Friday - Nuthin'
  • Saturday - 3 Mile Run! | 40min
  • Sunday - Yoga | 45min
Weekly Total Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
Weekly Mileage: 3 miles

Week 4

  • Monday - Strength Training, 1 Mile Run | 40min
  • Tuesday - Strength Training, Biking | 30min
  • Wednesday - Strength Training, Biking | 45min
  • Thursday - Rest
  • Friday - Nuthin'
  • Saturday - Nada
  • Sunday - Pilates, 3 Mile Run | 75min
Weekly Total Time: 3 hours 10 minutes
Weekly Mileage: 4 miles

Not my best month ever, but a lot of things were accomplished!  I've got all my doctors locked down so in the future I can make appointments when I'm injured and not have to wait for months because I'm a new patient.  Ryan and I will be running more now that we're settling into our routine, and I'm hoping the same goes for my other workout buddies.  And, you know, I organized my post structure, and organizing always makes me happy.  :D

What are your fitness goals for this next month?  Training for anything in particular or just trying to get your shit together like me?

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  1. I do the same things, make something for lunch and then shove it in the fridge. Every day when I am trying to get out the door I curse myself for not making things easier! Good luck this month!

  2. Yep, you know what they say about the best laid plans. Glad you found your stride though, and here's hoping you can keep it going! And OMG stim, isn't it amazing? I had a portable at-home one for a while but stupid insurance made me give it back.
    Great goals for November. You can do it! Good luck :)

  3. i am normally pretty good about putting my meals into meal sized containers because WOAH you can put the crockpot in the fridge? that is dangerous.

    1. and by dangerous i don't mean i will blow up the fridge, i just mean i will be lazy. just wanted to clarify.

  4. Finding a doctor when you're not actually injured, so that you can go when you ARE injured, is huge! That's the reason I finally started seeing a chiro...I was on the verge of injury and really tired of not having someone that I could go to during those times to be like, "Ahh what is happening please help!". It's definitely worth the peace of mind.

  5. Packing lunches ahead of time is definitely the way to go, IF you have the discipline for it. I am guilty of falling behind on this and grabbing not so great choices on the run... Keep up the good work!

  6. Packing lunches ahead of time is definitely the way to go, IF you have the discipline for it. I am guilty of falling behind on this and grabbing not so great choices on the run... Keep up the good work!


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