Oct 14, 2015

NJ Blate #2 - Pumpkin Picking and Wine Tasting

I don't really do weekend recaps (and this'd be a bit late anyway), but I thought it was worthy of a post since it's about a blogger date!

It is now painfully obvious to me that I should have swapped the bottom 2 pictures for more symmetry of color and composition.  Alas, I am too lazy to redo it.

Same crew as last time (Alyssa, Dani, and Michael), but we opted for all the Fall things.  Originally planned for Fright Fest, we switched at the last minute for pumpkin picking and wine tasting and I'm really glad we did!

Pumpkin picking was adorable - the farm was small so the hayride was probably only 7/8 minutes, but we found ourselves some perfect pumpkins, ate some apple cider donuts, and made use of every photo opp.

The whole process only took about an hour, so I was a bit nervous that our day would get cut short, but this winery was AMAZING (Cream Ridge Winery - if you're in NJ, give it a try!).  So good I'm gonna bullet point this.
  • Atmosphere: Unexpected (and therefore even more delightful) live music.
  • Staff: Vivacious, generous, and well-versed in their trade.
  • Wine: Amaze-balls.  The tasting was only $5, let you choose 10 different wines to sample, and I didn't have a single one that I didn't like.  PLUS they made recommendations and then winked to indicate that I didn't have to trade out any of the 10 I'd already selected.  (I think I ended up trying 13 different wines.  FOR $5!!!)  My favorites were the fruity dessert wines, all of which were unique to the winery and super sweet (just the way I like it).
  • Company: Perfectly splendid, as usual.  We sat and talked for hours about life, blogging, Fall trends, wine, and tattoos.  Oh!  And I learned how to keep my pumpkin from rotting (Pledge on the outside if it's uncarved, or dip it in bleach if it is carved, to kill the living things that make it rot)
I was then given a wake up call to actually use my Instagram (which I had signed up for, but was pretty neglected), so we'll see how that goes.  And, of course, watch Hocus Pocus!  (Not available for streaming on Netflix, but they do have it on DVD.)

By the way - I downloaded the Instagram collage maker and it is so much better than what I was using!!!  (Notice that glorious, logo-free collage up there.)  So there's proof that peer pressure isn't always bad.

Oh - and this time we didn't get kicked out of anywhere!

What Fall things have you done so far this year?  Also, what etiquette should I be aware of for Instagram?

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I wish I could of made it this time. Soon!

  2. It looks like you girls had so much fun!!! I want to hang out with you all!!! Also, you looked so pretty :) Love your outfit!

  3. Hahah we didn't get kicked out of anywhere—score! I had so much fun and cannot wait to go back to Cream Ridge in a few months. (Did you hear what I heard about chocolate wine???)

  4. i don't know any etiquette about instagram! just do whatever you want to do lol. this looks so fun and next time i'm coming fo shiz.

  5. There's always next summer! Although, we did set the bar pretty high :)

    Just be ON Instagram - that's my only etiquette suggestion. Plus, the editors are awesome and make it really easy to make everything look "blogger" ready.

    Have you watched Hocus Pocus yet?!?!?!


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