Oct 6, 2015

Some Thoughts on Blogging

These posts are the reason my family doesn't read anymore.  :P  Except my mom, who is awesome and always makes my dreams feel like a possibility.

Well, except for making money from blogging.  She was very clear on that.  And how it wasn't going to happen.  But that's ok, because I've got this graphic design thing I can always fall back on.  You know, just in case.

Blogging Thoughts

1. I Found My Rhythm

I've settled into a very comfortable cycle.  I get really motivated to write, fill up my blog with about a month's worth of scheduled posts, and then gradually my proliferance tapers off until I'm almost out of posts.  Once the last scheduled post goes live, I'm magically inspired and ready to churn out another month's worth.

2. Hobby Blogger

When I first found the blogging community and realized people make money from this, I got all excited and I wanted to play the numbers game and work with brands, and sell sidebar space.  Now?  Not so much.  I don't want to bother with pictures unless I feel like it.  I write what I want to, when I want to.  It's thoroughly enjoyable, unlike all the times when I started to feel pressure to do things a certain way.  Like my writing rhythm, I've found a comfortable groove for my blog style and I'm happy here.  There's so many things that cause stress, and I refuse to add blogging to the pile.

3. My Poor, Poor Business Blog

Remember Business, Life & Design?  Now, the idea was to keep it fun, but just be more business-oriented.  Yeah...  I just don't enjoy formal writing as much.  As much as I like creating designs, writing about them is less fun.  And I installed Disqus, but never check for comments, so I might as well not have a commenting system at all.

4. It's Getting Close to 2 Years

January of 2014 was when I decided to blog about whatever I wanted.  A few months later was when I found the blogging community.  It's interesting to see how much I've changed (both in the blog and in life).  I like having so much of my life documented ("Oh yes, spring of 2015 was when I was into fitness."), but I also like having reached a place with this hobby where I don't feel compelled to follow other people's advice anymore.

I mean, I still like finding advice relevant to various interests and hobbies (currently into minimalism - tips appreciated!), but I'm comfortable with my blogging style and I no longer feel the need to read advice posts telling me to prep my images for Pinterest and, for God's sake, never have a post without pictures!  Nah, I'm good.  I also don't feel the need to write self-righteous posts defending my choices to not follow every piece of advice I see.  I'm just comfortable being me, and peacefully coexisting with other people whose choices may or may not be different.  (Why that took 2 years to figure out, I don't know, but I'm glad I got here eventually!)

5. I Cannot Believe I'm Making Friends AND Actually Meeting them IRL!

Did not expect that when I started blogging.  Not at all.  But I am so, so incredibly grateful.  I also did not expect to have such a great network of resources.  I've read so many good books, learned about everything from social issues to health and fitness, and discovered tons of great ideas for optimization.  I never would have thought that such a simple thing would have so much impact on my life.

6. Speaking of Impact

So much has changed in the last 2 years!  Since I'm a blogger, here's some bullet points:
  • I found direction and an outlet for my need to organize.
  • I got married.
  • Client work has gone from the occasional raindrop to a steady trickle.
  • I'm healthier.
  • I read more, do more, and experiment more.
  • I'm happier.
Which, actually, is either a coincidence, or completely reinforces my hypothesis that blogging has a positive psychological impact (still super proud of that post - research happened, guys!).

7. I'd Like There to Be a Number Seven

But there isn't really.  Sorry.

How long have you been blogging and would you say it's changed your life?  Do you blog as a hobby or for serious?  Do you have specific numbers you like to end lists on?

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  1. Amen. I can relate to all of this but especially #2. I never wanted to make money from blogging but I didn't NOT want to make money from it either, if that were possible. But I've seen so many blogs I loved go from hobby blogs to money blogs and they're decidedly different. Not bad, and I still like reading some of them, but not like I used to. Kudos to them for bringing in some cash if that's their goal, it's just made me realize that I don't want that. And I feel like the push to monetize or even just be a "real" blog is like how society wants everyone to be a leader these days...but like, what happens when everyone is a leader, you know? All these tutorials and editorial calendars and how to do XYZ with your blog make it feel like there's no place for hobby bloggers who write when they feel like it about what they want. But those are the ones I like best, so you just keep on keepin' on :)

  2. hahaha @ 7.
    totally with you on #2. i really thought i wanted to be 'bigger' and make money but i am completely content doing what i want, when i want and not having to answer to anyone or having fake 'followers'. i'd much rather have friends, which i totally have made via blogging.

  3. I've been blogging since 2013 on and off and I feel off again currently. I keep thinking oh I should write this as a post then I don't because I want to focus on more serious writing stuff but I'm not sure how to get started and organize so I read about writing.

    I am in a huge non-productive phase but I'm going to beat it.

  4. I've been blogging for three years, but I feel like I really only got super comfortable with it and my blog in the last year. I don't blog for profit...honestly I started my blog as a personal hobby project, and now I've made tons of awesome friends and online communities! Which is great, but it doesn't change my intention. I blog for me, which I realize sounds selfish, but what I mean is that my blog's content is what I like! I don't have a niche, or even a steady subject...I just blog about what I want and it seems to be working well! I do need to work on scheduling better though - some months I keep up great, some months I'm writing posts the morning I want them to publish! Staying ahead is definitely much less stressful for myself haha.

    1. I haven't really had to pressure myself to keep up with posts and I've completely given up on having a posting schedule. I think I did things the opposite way - I figured out what was an easy, comfortable amount to post, and then I just do that. I definitely don't try to post every day, because I know I would burn out! But a couple times a week is pretty doable, especially because when I have a lot of ideas, I don't post them all at once - I schedule them out and then when I hit a slow period, it's fine because I've got stuff scheduled already.

  5. I have been blogging since 2012 and for awhile I thought I wanted to be a big, popular blogger. I watched the girls that started the same time I did blow up and grow huge and you know what? Hardly any of them still blog today. They all burnt out, or were hurt by the rude words of people or whatever. And yet to me, my blog is somewhere I come for fun and enjoyment still.

    Blogging has absolutely enhanced my life. I met my bestie through blogging. And I would trade 1,000 followers (not that I have that many) for just her friendship alone. Plus all of you virtual friends that I have! Speaking of, next time you come down this way...we are totally going to have to meet up!

  6. Hobby blogging is the most fun for me. I'm becoming open to a very, very, VERY specific and stringent type of sponsored content, but only if I believe in it and can logically justify it, and the reason is not to get rich off my blog but to use all the resources at my disposal to stack my professional portfolio. But I don't come here to obsess over SEO and pageviews, and I like it better that way. But the friends part... yep, that's the best :) Looking forward to Saturday!

  7. Last month made 4 years for me. I have seen so many blogging trends come and go. I've seen bloggers come and go. I think like anything the blogging community ebbs and flows, just like our blogs do. I WISH I could bang out a month's worth of posts but it just doesn't happen. I typically can get a week 2 ahead but that's it, and that's seldom at that. Making friends was the last thing I expected too. But it happens and it's awesome! See you soon!

  8. I've been hobby blogging for I think almost 4 years. I'm content. I read and comment on people I like. People I like comments back. Its nice and comfy. I have a list of possible post titles/topics but sometimes I lose interest in them before I actually write about it.


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