Dec 22, 2015

Quarterly Goals - Winter 2015

Holy crap, it's almost Christmas!  And I've got another seasonal goals check in.  Here's how I did for Fall.

Autumn Seasonal Goals

1. Finalize Australia trip w/sisters - Check!

Leaving in less than a week!!!

2. Come up with themed Halloween Costume - Check!

We went back and forth a few times, considering Trailer Park Boys (easy, but no one knows what it is) vs Zoolander (harder but more fun!).  Then Ryan's Christmas gift arrived - a Final Fantasy Tactics red mage costume, which turned out to be pretty sweet.  So obviously he needed to wear that.  Roommate and I made (cheaper) costumes to go with him.  Only one person got the reference, but hey!  We looked good, right?

3. Pursue 3 different avenues for finding new clients - Check!

October: This one was easy - I just followed up with a friend's boyfriend about potentially needing work for his business (it had been casually mentioned a bunch of times but I had yet to outright ask him if he really wanted it).  And there was another potential lead that I followed up with.

November: I attended the New Castle County Chamber of Commerce (what a mouthful!)'s Business Women's Expo (full post about it on BL&D).  The workshops were decent, and the networking was ok.  I feel like all too often with the chamber networking events it becomes this, "Are you done talking yet?  Ok, here's MY sales pitch." instead of people actually getting to know each other.  Despite that I made a couple contacts I'd like to follow up with in a non "Here's my email sales pitch!" kind of way.  Also!  (And this is more exciting)  My 2nd lead from October got back to me and is looking quite promising.  We discussed a ton of potential projects starting January, so we'll see, but I am optimistic about my freelance opportunities.

December: I'm kind of cheating for the last one, because they came to me!  I was absolutely delighted when an old coworker from the DC area roped me in on a project with her new company.  And then one of my current clients referred a friend over to me for a logo project.  So that plus site updates, getting business stuff in order (bank accounts, business licenses, the works!), finishing up my last few weeks of full time work, preparing to move, and Christmas/family/vacation prep was plenty.  I'm exhausted just thinking about the last few weeks.

4. Bake something - Check!

Apple pie with "fancy" lattice crust
I made a pie!!!  And to pretend it was fancy, I sliced up the premade crust and made it into a lattice.  Attractive and delicious.

Thanksgiving pie fest!  (Pecan, pumpkin, and pumpkin cheesecake)
And then more for Thanksgiving!  When you're not going to see family, you have to console yourself somehow.

5. Go on an adventure each month - Check!

October: Went pumpkin picking with some bloggy buddies and hosted a clothing swap.  (blogger pic below)

November: I was brave and made an art-show-turned-dinner lady date with someone I didn't know terribly well (plus, you know, buying a house).

December: Took my family and new lady friend to Cream Ridge Winery (still as amazing as the first time!), attended an ugly Christmas sweater party at someone's house I'd never been to before, and managed the photo booth for a Zumbathon for an old client/friend.

Top left: me and my neighbor (she was my date to the ugly sweater party and we had a blast!), the rest are at the Zumba birthday bash.  I did some whining at the beginning of the night, but by the end I was glad to have done it, which is my usual pattern with social outings.

A damn good Fall, if I do say so myself.  And the new year marks the beginning of a few new adventures, including the Australia trip, moving into our new house, and striking out on my own as a freelancer!

6. Finish Christmas shopping - Check!

I had most of this done at the beginning of October.  Then time passed, some of the gifts got gifted early, and I had a last-minute (for me early December is last minute) panic attack and bought a bunch more stuff.  Either way, done well in time for Christmas.  <3

7. Finish in-limbo craft projects - Check!

Recipe book trimmed.  Mirror painted.  Family scrapbook designed (and I made a private blog to document the big family events - nobody wants THAT many words in a scrapbook).  I had another project that I let go in order to get SOMETHING off my plate and I feel good about that decision as well.  I ought to have pictures of the crafts I completed, but I don't.  Blogger fail.

8. Do just one Fall-themed thing - Check!

I love the picture on the bottom right so much.  I chuckle every time I see it.
I'm using pumpkin picking as both an adventure and a Fall-themed thing.  But, seriously, this was just about the most Fall-themed a day could possibly be!  I also went apple picking with my family, did the Ren Faire, and got fancied up for Halloween.  So I guess "just one thing" was a more modest goal than it needed to be!

8/8 - A good season!!!  I'm not sure what clicked about these goals, but I was on it.  Most were completed before the end of October.

Here's the new goals...

Winter Seasonal Goals

  1. Find clients!!! (Complete 1 marketing task every week that I don't already have my time filled with client projects.)
  2. Budget - fo' real (I never stick to them, but if I'm gonna freelance, I'm gonna need to.)
  3. Optimize our new living space!
  4. Find an adventure for each month (this is a repeating goal, but always one of my favorites)
  5. Finish writing book
  6. Routine - get into it (I'll need this if I'm going to work for myself 3 days a week)
  7. Introduce myself to our new neighbors

Looking forward to 2016!  Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

Do you make seasonal goals?  What are you planning for this winter?

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  1. SO cannot wait to hear all about your Australia trip. Have an amazing time and safe travels!
    Congrats on those clients approaching you, that's awesome! (If they need a copy or content writer... ;))
    Great set of winter goals. Good luck!

  2. Did you move already? How did I miss that?! I want to see the new place! And YAY for completing all of your goals- so happy to have been a part of them!

    Good luck on your new freelancing position, and have an awesome time in Australia! Let me know if you see any flying spiders- it's the only thing keeping me from going there!

  3. I've been so swamped lately that I haven't been doing goals. I really miss them and plan to use some of my vacation to set some for myself. I'm jealous that you're wrapped already. I still need to do that. Its on my to do list for tomorrow.

  4. I wanna go to Australia!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!!!!! Good luck with your business goals this season, you can rock it!

  5. I had such an awesome time meeting and hanging out with you this year! Such great memories. So jelly of your Austrailia trip. When are you guys leaving again? HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!!! Kidnap me a joey if you can! xoxo

  6. I would love to go to Australia. Have fun and be ready to share info when you get back!

    1. Absolutely! Back now, and trying to assemble my thoughts (and pictures). :D


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