Jan 1, 2016

Predictions from the Old Year and for the New

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And onto business... I'm taking a break from resolutions and "lifelong" goals.  Of the posts I made last year, I think the predictions were the most fun and now it's finally time to see if they came true!

Las year I said that by now...

1. I will be married.

True!  Although that was pretty much a given, since I already had a ring on my finger.

2. I will master meal planning!

False.  I continue to struggle.

3. Ryan and I will be house hunting.  Fo' real.

True!  I actually had this marked "false" up until November, when we got serious seriously fast.  AND not only did we house hunt, but we've already closed.  New home owner over here!!!  We'll be moving in slowly throughout January after we paint and handle other small renovations.

4. Roommate will have locked us into a drunken promise to name our first child after him.

False.  Frankly, though, I'm surprised.

5. I will have quit my Creative Self Actualization project and started something else.  Probably a novel.

True!  I know myself.  Craft projects was a bit too ambitious.  And, thanks to NaNoWriMo I have indeed started a book.  Whether it ever gets finished is still up in the air.

6. I'll run a half marathon and successfully work running into my weekly routine.  At some point I'll probably start referring to myself as "a runner."

Mehhh... I did run a half.  And I certainly tried to become a runner.  But it's been a struggle and I have yet to be able to run consistently without some body part or other giving me trouble.

7. But I'll still hate it.

True.  In part because it hates me.

8. Ryan will be promoted.

True!  That man knows how to work!

9. I'll be contemplating a career change but won't quite have mustered up the courage to do it.

False!  Courage was mustered and I have made a change.  So glad to be wrong on this one!

10. Luke will learn to open doors so he can sleep on our bed when we're gone.

False.  I was giving him too much credit, obviously.

11. We'll be doing research on babies and health and psychology.  Not actually getting ready to have one, but just posting about it enough the blog to scare away my regular readers and keep my family members in a constant state of anticipation.

False.  We're far more chill than I expected.  No baby plans yet.

12. I'll start an anonymous secret blog somewhere in the Internet where I post D&D jokes, creative writing, and badly structured angry rants about my Facebook acquaintances.  It will probably be called something like Monkey with a Keyboard.  I will have no posting schedule, never show my real face, have only hand drawn images, and I will love it like a firstborn child.

Uhhh... No comment.

13. I'll attend a blogging conference.  Probably this one.

False.  BlogU ended up being the same weekend as Sister2's wedding.  Go figure.  I considered BlogHer, but what with weddings, vacations, and wasting some sick days earlier in the  year, I really didn't have many extra days.  It's ok.  This isn't a high priority anymore.

14. I'll finish reading War & Peace, despite Nadine's wise advice, "Dude, life is too short to read a bad book! Drop that shit!"  Because I'm terrible at following advice.  Even when I know it makes sense.

False!  Nadine was right - there's just so many good books waiting for me.  I finally decided I didn't have to read this one (although it's still on my Kindle, in case I ever change my mind...).

15. I'll have somehow managed to complicate my goals/resolutions/self actualization projects even more than they already are.

False!  I quit doing most of them, which makes things exceedingly simple, don't you think?

Well, obviously I'm terrible at predictions.  6 of 15?  Pah!  Any half-trained tarot card reader could do better than that.

But, you know, it's still more fun than regular goals.  So here's the next round for 2016!

My Predictions for 2016

By this time next year I will probably...
  1. Have optimized the crap out of our new home, but...
  2. Lost a few of the "let's buy new things!" battles with Ryan and/or Roommate.
  3. Be posting way too many pictures of my new baby or puppy.  (either one)
  4. Be the proud owner of a business that actually supports me!  (dream big)
  5. Get bored with my hair and try out a perm, despite everyone's frantic attempts to stop me.
  6. Master DIY hygiene products.
  7. Be brainstorming the next international adventure with my sisters.

What's in the cards for you this year?  Do you prefer predictions or resolutions?

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  1. I like the ideas of predictions. I hate resolving things.. lol.. Great job on your predictions from last year! You accomplished a lot!

  2. Congrats new homeowner, and congrats on all the amazing things you did last year! So glad it was successful in so many ways. Don't sweat that you didn't fall in love running last year—it's not for everyone. (Of course, leave it to me to zero in on the running item in this awesome list..)
    I've never made predictions, and I haven't made a resolution in probably over a decade, but I do make goals. I changed dramatically from last year to this year though with respect to how many I set. I guess they function in the same way predictions do though. Anyway, here's to a new year and new adventures!

  3. yay new homeowner! you go girl. and yay for dropping war & peace. that's been on my kindle for years haha and i have the paperback of anna karenina waiting for me as well, bought it 2 years ago. oops! i love the idea of your predictions, and can't wait to see the pictures of the new baby or puppy ;)

  4. Yay!!! Congrats on buying a house. It's an adventure. I still don't have mine just the way I want it. I want to start an anonymous blog where I bitch about the things that I can't really say. I'll totally share it with you lol. Puppies and babies are about the same thing. Except you can leave a puppy at home alone for a few hours and can't leave a baby.

  5. What a great year! And congrats on the new digs! Can't wait to see how you "optimize" the new space! I don't do resolutions or predictions, but this is such a fun idea, and it's so interesting to see what changed and what didnt!


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