Mar 9, 2016

8 Things I Learned This Weekend

As I mentioned Monday, I met up with some blogger friends this past weekend, and it was certainly educational.  Allow me to share my newfound knowledge.

8 Unscientific and Nonfactual Things I Learned

1. Some people don't like jelly and, in fact, have never had a PBJ (after reading your comments, I'm realizing this number is much higher than anticipated)

2. Blogging "how to" posts are out

3. Some people don't like mushrooms

4. Or chocolate (if it's plain)

5. Or ketchup (or tomatoes in general - they're "pulpy")

6. Some people have never seen ET

7. Some people don't enjoy the term "adulting"

8. Listicles are among the type of blog posts that will begin a rant... for some people

My, wasn't that fun?!  And let us all remember that no day in which you learn something is a total loss.  (Side note: I had a very specific reason to use gifs for this article but I had no idea they were SO MUCH WORK!  I have a new respect for you gif-users.  Though, personally, I can't really stand them.)  EDIT: I have to add a caveat - I do like Disney gifs, and Doctor Who.  Or any TV show I've actually watched.  I like none of the gifs I've included in this post, with the possible exception of the happy peanut butter and jelly sandwich.)


What have you learned or "learned" recently?  What's the weirdest blog post you've ever written to prank someone?  And what's your stance on gifs?

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  1. Some people, checking in! *monkey covering eyes emoji*

    I feel the need to be ultra-specific: "How to Blog" posts are out. For me at least. But I love when people can teach me how to do things I didn't know how to do so other kinds of tutorial posts rock!

    I also love long as they're decent. Thing is any good thing done badly is still bad, ya know?

    I've legit never considered writing a whole post to prank someone though, so you totally win today.

  2. lol. i love gifs. i use them alllll the time, and too much.. sorry! i had no idea what a listicle was and had to google it lol. i also like jam/jelly, but have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. tomatoes and mushrooms are two of my favourite things.

  3. I can't do GIF's, they make me feel motion sick actually so I don't use them. When I'm reading and I come to one I scroll past it and read on even having it on the screen makes me feel blah.

  4. I have never had a PBJ sandwich. I hate mushrooms and posts telling me how to blog. I do use the term adulting. And ET was the shit! LOL!

  5. I hate gifs. They give me motion sickness. I wanted to read this post so I tried to skip over them with my eyes. Some posts I will just not read if they are full of gifs.

    I super pink puffy heart PB&J, mushrooms, and ketchup.

  6. I don't understand how all these people have never had PBJ! What kind of childhood is that?! The PBJ gif is my favorite- it's so happy! Why don't you like gifs (with the exception of Disney, Doctor Who, and the work involved)? I actually am surprised how many people don't like them and/or it makes them motion sick. Anyway- love this post!

  7. I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I'm English! It's really not a thing here (plus I can't deal with peanuts so...). Personally I have good mushroom days and bad mushroom days, sometimes the texture bothers me. Did you know that on a cellular level they are closer to an animal than a plant? There you go, there's 1 scientific fact for you :)

  8. I like gifs but sometimes it is hard to find the right one that conveys exactly what you mean. And to be honest, I'm also just too lazy to like most days! LOL! I love PB&J sandwiches, mushrooms, tomatoes and chocolate. I'm so not trendy! :)

    1. I realized I don't really eat PBJs anymore, but they were definitely a childhood staple. You know what was really good, though, peanut butter and fluff! That I totally still eat.

  9. I LOVE THE PBJ GIF!!! I like GIFs but they are sooo time-consuming so I don't use them often. And by time-consuming I mean finding the good ones. I also eat PBJ every few months. Gotta keep that inner child alive!


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