Mar 31, 2016

Final Texts - My Digital Legacy if I Dropped Dead

You know how sometimes you think of something totally, totally random, like "What would happen if I drove off this bridge?"  (Please someone say yes.)  I had one of those moment the other day, but it was, "If I died right now, what would be the last thing I had said to all my friends and family?

Since we're living in the digital age, most of my last words would have been recorded through text (and that was a lot easier than trying to remember the last verbal exchange), so I browsed through my phone.  Some of the answers were amusing, so here you go...

My Final Texts

to Ryan: "Please let them out to pee."  (Last gchat, which we use more frequently, is "okey doke".)

to Sister2: "We love you too!!!  Have a good trip!  Call us when you're able!  Congratulations on surviving the first 2 weeks (which is when you'll get this)!!!" (she had just gotten on a flight to Nepal)

to Sister3: "Yes!  Cats are a good solution because they take care of themselves."  (In reference to Pablo Escobar's rat problem.)

to Momma: "That's a good point, actually."  (She had just pointed out that the Trump and Hillary Clinton wigs a new client is selling will probably do well this year.)

to Michael, Alyssa, and Dani: "I have opinions!"  (That was a lie.)

to Melisandre: "I think I don't have the 2nd one in this load after all.  I already ditched it.  :P"  (with a picture of a shoe organizer)

to Danaerys (a new friend who has just gotten her first blog nickname): "If it's a men's jacket it will cover the vital bits!"  (Halloween brainstorming, but mostly just screwing with her.)

The rest was all logistics - a couple conversations with clients and/or planning to meet somewhere.  But you know, other than maybe telling my mom how amazing she is and saying something a little less practical to Ryan, I'd be ok with these being my final words.  In fact, I'm going to text Ryan something now, because you never know...

P.S. There's a relevant XKCD for this situation.  I mean, there pretty much always is, but I thought you guys might like this one.

XKCD is awesome

What would your final texts be?  Are your texts usually more practical or goofy?

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  1. When my house gets exceptionally messy I always wonder what someone would think if I died and they had to come in here and clean it all out. As I look around I'm thinking I better do a little straightening up just in case. :)

  2. omg this is hilarious, I just went and read my own... that'd be embarrassing. Might have to copy this post! I'm sure mine to John often end the same way as yours to Ryan - talking about the dog!

  3. You do have opinions! Except maybe not in regards to which NJ beach spot would be best to purchase a beach pass for :P I thought it was crazy that you have a Melisandre AND Danaerys IRL until you explained lol! For the most part mine are more goofy than practical. Great post idea girl!

  4. My texts are all pretty boring, mostly logistics, so they don't make great final words. And yes, I do occasionally think about what would happen ... especially when I'm driving. But I more think about how messy my apartment is and hope that I have nice underwear on. :)

    1. Lol! Omg, I have never thought about that. None of my underwear is nice, so... I'm kind of out of luck with that one. "Ah yes, she died in her [insert color] granny panties" would cover pretty much every possibility.

  5. Hahaha I think about this sometimes. Which is always why I say "I love you" to Chris, my mom and sister before getting off the phone with them or seeing them in person. My texts back and forth with Chris are pretty practical since we use gchat throughout the day and only text when one of us needs something or to say we are on our way home or something. With my mom we are usually sharing pictures of things we bought most recently haha. My friends, who knows? Could be a cuss word. To Kathy, Kristen and Laura it is usually a sweaty selfie in our group chat. so much to think about!

  6. I do think about this. I make it a point when the girls get out of the car to go into school I say I love you, have a great day, I'll pick you up after school. Just so they know I'm thinking about them.

  7. this is hilarious.. i totally think about the bridge thing and all that. i looked back through my texts and yeah nothing exciting unfortunately. lots of sweaty selfies to nadine, kathy and laura, like nadine said above haha.

  8. HAH I didn't realize "I have opinions" was your last contribution to that thread, and I actually laughed out loud at your parenthetical here ;)


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