Mar 24, 2016

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I was persuaded on the 2nd New Jersey blate to become an Instagram user.  For real, not just in possession of an account I never used.  So I did what I always do when I join a new social media network and followed a bazillion account that I "should" like.

It was boring and I rarely looked at it.  Finally I decided to figure out what I really like and not what I should.  Skipping the obvious friend's accounts, here's the ones that fill my feed (and heart) with joy.

1. earthofficial

Just gorgeous!  Beautiful, beautiful landscape, scenery, places I never even imagined existed on this earth.  I love it.

2. theawkwardyeti

This has actually surpassed XKCD as my new favorite web comic.  The constant battle between heart and brain is one that both amuses and resonates with me.  Sister3 actually got me an Awkward Yeti book for Christmas, which is proudly displayed with the other "bathroom books."

A photo posted by Grace Ciao (@grace_ciao) on

3. grace_ciao

A Reddit discovery (about half the art on my Pinterest boards was found through Reddit), Grace Ciao does some really awesome and pretty stuff with flower petals as fashion sketches.  I don't even care about fashion, but these makes my heart happy.

4. natgeotravel

More pretty pictures, but more variety.  Some landscapes, some animals, some people.  Always interesting, sometimes educational.

5. fowllanguagecomics

I don't even have kids and this makes me laugh.  I can only imagine this being more poignant once I do cross into parenthood.

6. cintascotch

Abstract, minimalist, and artsy, this one is just good fun.  His art is fun and silly and sometimes makes me think.

7. chrishallbeck

More comics!  Although this one is more inappropriate humor than the other two, which are more family friendly.

A photo posted by Michael Grab (@gravityglue) on

8. gravityglue

This is so incredibly zen.  Gorgeous photography, and mind-blowing configurations of rock.  I honestly don't know if the artist actually glues things together or just has some kind of gravity defying balancing abilities, but the results are amazing.

9. gemmacorrell

I actually found this one through a bunch of random "inappropriate Valentine's" that I googled and printed as a joke for Ryan.  He liked hers so much that I tracked down the artist, bought a laptop case with the comic (these 2 dogs - it's cute and weird), and then followed her on Insta just for good measure.

A photo posted by Murad Osmann (@muradosmann) on

10. muradosmann

This is the "follow me" series, where the photography is being led by the hand into various cultural settings.  A fun idea and absolutely gorgeous travel photography.  Not very frequent posts, but that's fine when each one is so beautiful!

11. thatsbabyanimals

And the best for last!  My daily "daw."  Sometimes I feel ashamed of how much I like this, but what can I say?  You'd have to have a heart of stone not to.

To sum up: according to Jenn, the best of Instagram is web comics (I actually follow a bunch of other ones also but these artists format the best for Insta), travel photography, unique artists, and baby animals.  (But especially the baby animals.)

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

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  1. I love Fowl Language Comics, they are hilarious.

    Projecthappiness_24/7 is my favorite IG account among all the beach things, their daily quotes about happiness habits speak to me! Also hot dudes reading and hot dudes with dogs, because hot dudes, books, and dogs can never be wrong. Haha

  2. That first one is so cool! I always want to go somewhere you can see stars. Doesn't happen in Chicago, that's for sure.

  3. Thanks for this! I've started following a few of these now. And The Awkward Yeti? SO much love for that account. I'm always like, yes, this is my life.

  4. Omg that pug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The awkward one looks totally interesting and who doesn't love pictures of stars??? Of course, living where I do I have a pretty damn good real view of them in my driveway!!! I can stair up at them forever at night!

  5. I am not currently on Instagram but it something I've been considering joining because I am such a visual person. And seeing those gorgeous images really makes me want to join. I am like you, though, I tend to join then not do much with it because I followed the "right" people who I care nothing about. :) At least when I join, I'll have some good suggestions on who to follow instead of blindly following people!

    1. Ha! Yeah, at one point I spent some time looking at lists of "most hilarious twitter accounts" and so on for fun content and I ended up unfollowing all of them again. It'd be one funny post a day buried in 20 other random and sometimes mean things. I'm more of a "post once a day" kind of person so the really active accounts just bury my friends' posts and that's not cool!

  6. I have an entire Pinterest board of (mostly) baby animals. So freakin cute, and ain't no shame in my game! I think other than friends/bloggers, I follow a few comedians (georghtakei is my fave) and pumpkintheraccoon (he's a raccoon that wanted to be someone's pet and acts like a dog). I need to follow chrishallbeck- his Netflix and chill one made me literally lol!

  7. awwww baby animals!!! i need to follow that one. also, i love all the comic ones. i don't follow a lot of things like this - i follow a lot of book accounts, and also i try and follow healthy people who post good food and workout selfies a lot - i know that's lame but it totally motivates me more than skinny people posting cake and being like what, i totally ate this whole cake and look like this magically. boo to you. i mean, whatever, maybe they do eat cake and look amazing, but i don't, so i don't need to see that all the time.

  8. I immediately started following like half of these. Super cute and way more entertaining that what usually shows up on my feed.


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